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Alek, the main beard behind

I’ve been growing my beard since the sixth grade. Like for real. I’m not kidding you. The only problem back then? It was not that cool. That’s why I would like to dedicate this site to all the people that have been growing out their beards before it was trendy and hip.

I respect you all, no matter if you’re a beardster or a 60 year old gray beard, I know we all love wearing our facial hair the way we do and it really fills my heart to see the number of men wearing different beards styles increase each time I go to the local pub.

From cheesy goatees to classic manly stubbles to powerful Van Dykes we really have it all. Just reminiscence how the average man looked like ten years ago. The full beard look was a rarity for sure.

Everybody was clean shaved and having a strong powerful beard made you a weirdo. Only shows how superficial people can get when something isn’t accepted by the wide public.

Today, when there are literally dozens of brands that exist in an ever emerging industry and hundreds of websites trying to cover the topic the best they can, people seem to be more open to the idea of coexisting with their bearded friends.

It’s not like I’m trying to write down a bearded odyssey of the past couple of decades, but it’s really interesting to me as a marketing specialist to see such a trend grow so rapidly. One of the most inspiring stories I’ve heard is about the beginnings of Beardbrand, one of the largest beard product manufacturers today.

You should really check out this story about Eric Bandholz and how his involvement in the community allowed him to create such a user orientated brand. That’s why Virile Beard is created as well. To help the community find the right answers through detailed guides and real life examples based on personal experience.

Why Trust Me

girlfriend and me with beard
Beards make people happy. They truly do. Just ask bae 🙂

I had every type of beard on my face. Once during my highschool days I even rocked the Abe Lincoln chinstrap, as proudly as one can. It’s not embarrassing to experiment and I will always encourage you to do this in any way possible.

Moustache, Van Dyke, chinstrap, stubble, goatee … I’ve tried them all and decided to go with a full beard and see where it gets me. In the first couple of months of growing I trimmed it with an electric trimmer and noticed how my facial hair feels dry, the skin on my face started itching, there was some dandruff …


I was really surprised. How can a guy with such a strong beard have so many problems? That’s why I started researching, hoping I’ll find some solutions and keep my beard intact.

Just look at that smile! You want me to disappoint my girl and have a clean shave just because I didn’t take good care of my virile beard? No siree. Absolutely not!

But, what can a man do …

The First Time I Started Using Beard Oils

The least you can do for your beard is start using beard oils. No, you don’t need to buy one. Any carrier oil will do the trick. It can be olive, but I personally prefer sweet almond or jojoba. They’re a little bit more expensive, but they’ll last longer. Just keep them in a dark bottle to protect them from UV rays.

As I researched how to save my own beard I found a lots of useful info about beards and how to maintain them the right way. Before I started this page I didn’t know what sebum is, for example, and I can now talk for hours about it and how can you enhance it with the usage of natural oils.

The best part about oils is how they’re also healthy and can improve the wellbeing of both your skin and facial hair. For example, thyme essential oil is great if you want to grow stronger facial hair and straighten it out if it’s curly. I know it, I’ve used sweet almond and thyme mix for my beard.

The result? You can see it on your right …

Hope you like what you see on my page. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via social media or directly through the website.

Happy Beard Growing My Beard Buds!

Your Virile Beard

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