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Baxter Of California Large Comb Review

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What makes Baxter of California’s products unique is the fact that every comb they release is handmade and crafted in Switzerland. These guys aren’t fooling around. They didn’t just pick some cheap manufacturer from AliExpress. Their large comb is created by Swiss people. One of the wealthiest places on Earth.

The 12 step manufacturing process allows the end user to enjoy the benefits of a beard comb with smooth edges, rounded tips and gentle teeth. This is what makes this comb one of a kind solution for all of your beard and moustache grooming problems.

You’ll be able to shape up your beard and fix persistent cowlicks with a single brush of this 7.75 inches long monster split in half with one side being filled with smaller teeth and the other half with slightly larger teeth. You see how great this comb can be for both moustache and beard usage?

Cellulose acetate sheets (natural ingredient, no matter how funny it sounds) is what Baxter of California used as a source material for this comb, mainly because it’s all natural and it’s easy to manipulate it during production. Those thick and thin teeth on both sides need to glide through your beard, so it’s important to be able to manhandle them during that 12 step production process we mentioned earlier.

The design of the comb is extremely simplistic and classy at the same time. Coming in a tortoise shell color variant I can’t imagine a grooming kit that will look bad with this long comb inside.

If you can afford the $20 price tag, get Baxter of California’s large comb with zero hesitation. It’s really quality piece of beard, heck even hair, grooming equipment and you don’t want to miss out on this type of product. I would stay away from the pocket version though, as it’s only $2 cheaper and it’s almost 2 inches smaller. Handling costs … 🙂

This thing will last forever and it will really make your life easier. If you’re just looking for a cheaper solution that will provide the same experience till some extent, check some of the other choices we hand picked just for you.

Made of: Cellulose acetate sheets

Best for: Beard, moustache and hair

Pros: High quality handmade comb

Cons: That tortoise glow will wear down as time passes by

When in doubt beard it out! If you don't know how, make sure to follow my blog, cuz I'm just another bearded man in this World.

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