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The biggest question facing the true modern beardsmen is how to groom his beard, so he can maintain the shape and style he desires. We’re tired of facing with split ends, curls, ingrown hair and every other little problem that can harm our bearded appearance.

When I reminiscence about the past year or so, I must admit how growing out a strong and powerful beard is quite a fulfilling journey that every man should try at least once in his lifetime. This doesn’t mean it’s easy and anyone can do it by just committing to the process. Like anything else in life you need to be smart and learn how to shape up your beard the best way you humanely can.

Sometimes it’s just genetics and there’s nothing you can do about that, but in most cases you are the one that controls your own bearded destiny.

I’ve learned the hard way that by just growing a beard and washing it when you’re in the shower you aren’t doing enough for your beard and you’ll have tons of problems during your beard growing journey. As your beard grows longer, you’ll need to face reality and accept the fact how you must nurture your beard on daily basis if you want to maintain a healthy look.

If you decide to just grow your beard and stay away from grooming, shaping up and styling; be aware how you’ll most certainly face problems like:

  • Ingrown hair – Happens when your beard is all over the place and some of your longer facial hairs push the new ones towards your face.
  • Split ends – Damaged facial hair means that you’ll most likely start experiencing split ends, which may affect your overall beard appearance.
  • Change in pigmentation and texture – If you don’t feed your beard with the right stuff, it will quickly start changing it’s natural appearance.
  • Dry and thin beard – You don’t necessarily have to lose in color and diameter, but you’re still not in the safe zone. Dry beard means thin beard.
  • Tangled beard – Closely connected with ingrown hair and split ends. Tangled beard will also affect the direction and the shape of your beard.
  • Dry skin – Your beard isn’t the only thing that will dry off, your skin will be affected as well, which can lead to even bigger problems like beard dandruff (beardruff), itchiness (skin irritation), acne and smelly beard.

Growing out that beautiful beard and trimming it every once in a while isn’t enough. If you want to have an astonishing full beard, you’ll need to get used to taking care of your facial hair on daily basis and getting familiar with the topic of beard grooming on a whole new level.

That’s why I’ve dedicated this section of the site solely to beard grooming and I’ll try to cover the usual topics like combing, brushing, beard product necessity, and some other cool tips I’d love to share with you, all in order to help you groom and maintain that powerful beard style you’re after.

Don’t be surprised if your better half becomes jealous and starts nagging you about all the products you have stocked on your side of the bathroom countertop. You’re a man and you must have a virile beard to show in front of the world, so you’re more confident with yourself and the thing you’re doing, which gives you the power to protect the ones you truly love.

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Bellow you can find some really useful first hand experience based beard grooming tips that will help you shape, style and maintain the beard you’ve always wanted. I believe it will solve all of your problems and show you how to nurture that powerful facial hair of yours and help you avoid getting issues with thin, tangled and dry beard that acts as a nasty playground from the bacteria and debris you’re faced with each and every day.

You’ll notice how I’ve classified the content by solving the most common grooming problems that the modern beardster faces through detailed how to guides filled with great deal of useful media, while pinpointing the exact issues you’ll overcome by following these best practices.

Hope all of this is enough to guide you towards a powerful manly beard underneath your chin. I would be really honored to aid you in any way during this process, so don’t hesitate to send me a question through the contact page or just drop your two cents in the comment section at the bottom of the page.

Before we continue any further, I would like to present to you, my pattented and original beard grooming formula that works for every bearded man out there. It’s really some next level stuff, so take notes …

Beard grooming FORMULA that actually works


HA! Got you there…

The truth is there’s no hidden secret that will allow you to grow a thicker and stronger beard and give you the shape you’ve always wanted. The cold simple truth is that you need to nurture your beard using specialized or homemade products and get familiar with your granddad’s pair of scissors and that trimmer you got for your 18th birthday.

You’ve maybe gotten used to do a clean shave in the army for the past 30 years and you just don’t want to hear about balms and oils or you’re a hardcore trucker that doesn’t have 2 minutes in his day to take care of his beard. It doesn’t matter. I don’t want to hear about it …

All it takes is only couple of minutes in the morning and/or at night and you’ll have a lustrous looking beard in no time.

There are three simple rules you must obey if you want to have a powerful beard:

  • Brush for direction.
  • Oil up for moisture.
  • Wash for disinfection.

This is what I do devotedly and you’ve seen the beard I have grown in the past year or so. It’s pretty cool, isn’t it? Well, you can do it too bud, just follow my routine and you’ll be walking down the street with pride for your manly virile beard.

Here are the four simple steps that are a part of my beard grooming routine that will solve all of your problems:

Beard Washing

Deals with: smelly beard, acne, texture, color.

How to wash a beard?

Step 1: Don’t burn your beard and the skin beneath – Choose the right water temperature as you don’t want to dry out your skin and the facial hair follicles of your beard with hot water. I suggest you go with lukewarm water as this is the temperature level that promotes better blood circulation and it allows your skin to open up it’s pores.

Step 2: Foam up before you apply –  Create some lather in your hands before you apply the beard wash on your face.

Step 3: Go through your beard – Make sure you’re covering your entire beard’s length from its base to the tip because you want to get rid of all the filth and bacteria you’ve accumulated from the outside world.

Step 4: Massage your face – If you want to get rid of all the debris you have under your beard and make sure your skin is clean, you’ll need to massage your face beneath the beard. This also improves blood circulation.

Step 5: You’re done, now rinse that beard wash out. – Make sure you get everything out. You can use cold water while you’re doing this.

How to dry a Beard?

Step 1: Use a microfiber towel – Using a regular cotton towel my damage your beard at its most sensitive state and leave unwanted lint in your facial hair. With a microfiber towel you’re also doubling down on drying time while removing dirt and debris better than any other material.

Step 2: Use a blow drier – Great deal of people stay away from blow driers as they think this automatically damages their facial hair. As long as you’re using low to medium heat and you keep the blow-drier 5 – 7 inches from your face, all is good.

Stay tuned and see how I use a blow-drier and a brush to shape up my beard.

How Often Should I Wash and Condition My Beard?

Washing your beard with a product means you’re changing its pH value and contrary to popular belief shampoos and soaps dry your hair. Even those cute baby shampoos that promote how they have low pH levels, stabilize after usage and still manage to dry your skin and facial hair. Not to the extent like other commercial choices, but they do.

Natural organic products, although with higher pH values on their own, are better for your beard and skin as they keep both your face and hair moisturized and only enhance the effect of any other product you’re using.

That’s why it’s important to wash your beard with product (shampoo or soap) only couple of times a week or better said every second or third day.

DIY Beard Wash

There are literally thousands of recipes online on how to do your own soap at home. I’ve chosen this charcoil face soap because of its ingredients and because of the fact that it uses active charcoal among other things. Try to make it and send me what you got as an end product:

Best Beard Wash

You can use either a shampoo or a soap, it’s really up to you. I would suggest you go with an organic all natural source, but I know this can be extremely hard to find on the market. If you’re researching the market, these soaps are usually based on goat milk and can leave a stingy after-smell, so be careful with your selection. I’m still testing some products and will choose the best ones once I’m done. Till then you can try and make your own beard wash products. It’s relatively easy.

Beard Brushing & Shape Up

Deals with: ingrown hair, shape, tangled beard, split ends.

There are three things that you’ll need if you want to keep your beard nice and tidy while shaping it up towards your desired beard style. These three little secrets will put you in a position where you don’t need to worry about how your beard looks all the time and focus on more important stuff like friends and family in your free time.

Apply oil right after you wash your beard

This is quite important as this is probably the best time to spread that nutritive oil throughout your beard. Just wait for your beard to become damp or go through it with a towel like we previously discussed ans start massaging your face with your oily hands. We’ll cover more about this segment later.

Boar bristle brush for even oil distribution

Once you apply the oil with your hands you must use a boar bristle brush as it’s great not only for shape up, but it will do wonders for the oil distribution on your facial hair from the core of your hair follicles to their tips. When you’re done with the bristle brush, you’ll end up with a nice shape that needs molding.

Blow dryer + Small brush = Perfect shape

Your beard is oiled up and ready to go! Or is it? Use a soft small diameter brush with soft endings to shape up the beard of your dreams with the help of a blow dryer set on medium heat. Will talk more about curls, swirl and dents bellow, so for now this should be more than enough. When in doubt, ask your wife.

Beard Nurturing & Maintenance

Deals with: dry skin, dry beard, thin beard, pigmentation, texture, beardruff, itchiness.


 You must use oils

It’s not just a trend or something that big organizations try to push down your throat. Your beard and the skin beneath it will suffer if you’re not using oils and/or balms. These products are your best source of natural oil that supplements your beard growth. Just think about it. Your beard gets longer every day, but your facial hair follicle is still producing the same amount of skin oil. If you’re not supporting your body, you’ll have issues with dry beard and skin, which results with direct problems like itchiness and beardruff.


 Don’t neglect your beard

You’re growing out a powerful yeard and that’s great. You don’t want to hear anything about trimming, but at least apply beard oil or balm and brush regularly. You’ll have tons of problems if you don’t. The perfect scenario sees you shaping up your beard using scissors at least once a month or maybe even once in six weeks. The important part is that you must regularly trim and brush your beard because you don’t want to end up shaving off your beard thanks to ingrown hair and split ends that messed up its form.

Hope this article was helpful and you have a general idea of what you need to do while growing out your beard. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at any time or reach out through social media, I’ll try to answer everything you throw at me or at least guide you in the right direction.

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