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Getting rid of beardruff, Your Facial Hair’s Biggest Nemesis

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Beardruff or beard dandruff is a serious obstacle that gets in the way of many men trying to grow glorious beards. The problem is as irritating as hair dandruff and could cause public discomfort as well as shyness. Those who can’t eliminate and get rid of the beardruff will often just shave and cut the problem at its roots (literally).

If this sounds too familiar to you then you might want to try out a few things first before you throw in the towel.

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What is Beardruff?

These tiny flakes whether present in your head or on your beard are dry skin residue that become detached from your scalp or face.

Why does this happen?

Well hair needs to be moisturized and at the bottom of each hair follicle there’s a sebaceous gland embedded in the skin. This gland produces sebum.

As a person’s hair gets longer more sebum oil will be needed to keep it moist and healthy. Producing too much sebum could leave the skin dry and result in flakes.

You’ll know when this is about to happen as it’s the itching phase of your beard growth.

If you can treat that dry skin under your beard however, you’ll be set to keep growing and enjoying your beard.


Choose the Right Shampoo

Buying anti-dandruff shampoo at the local market seems like an obvious and easy solution to the problem. Sadly that’s not the case since the composition of your scalp is different from that of your face.

Your face and the skin under your beard will react terribly to regular anti dandruff shampoo.

It’ll only get drier making the beardruff issue worse.

beard shampoo on beard
Regular usage of beard shampoo will help you eliminate beardruff

The reason this happens is because most shampoos contain SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate). This chemical will dry the skin on your face and in high concentrations it’s potentially carcinogenic. Your best shampoo option would be something devoid of SLS and perhaps something dedicated to beards.

If you’ve never heard about beard dandruff shampoos before then you should spend some time looking into them.


Your Greatest Ally: Beard Balm

Beard balm is made up of a bunch of different components most of which are oils. Not all of the ingredients are useful in combating dry skin and dandruff but they certainly won’t add to the problem.

beard balm is beardruff’s greatest fear
  • Beeswax is one of these that has no role here but needs to be mentioned. The primary function of beeswax is to hold your beard in place. It basically has a grooming function.
  • Shea and cocoa butters are present in most beard balms. These are derived from nuts and are safe to apply unless you have a nut allergy then you should be a little cautious when applying them to your face. Unlike beeswax, butters will have a significant impact on your beard and help moisturize it and in turn limit beardruff.
  • Lanolin is another ingredient but you won’t commonly find lanolin in all balms. Derived from sheep wool, lanolin is pretty much the sebum oil of sheep. What more do you need? If an oil can moisturize wool then it’ll definitely do wonders for your beard.
  • Essential oils are present in abundance in all beard balms but just like the beeswax they don’t contribute to the moisturizing. They’re mostly there to add scent to products.


What about Beard Oil?

You can think of beard oil as the softcore version of beard balm. Beard oil is a lot like beard balm if you take away several ingredients, additionally, beard oil isn’t as great at styling and grooming as balm. It’s a good choice if your beard isn’t too thick and you want to apply something simple without too many layers.

A serious amount of dryness and beard dandruff, however, is unlikely to respond to beard oil alone. This is also true if you have a thick and long beard.

The mightier the beard the mightier products you’ll need in order to keep it impeccable and healthy.

Beard oil is great but not enough for beardruff

What to Avoid

  • Sugar is terrible, most of the time when we look up a health problem on the internet we’ll find someone or something telling us to cut down on sugar. Sadly, we’re going to have to conform with all of them and tell you to stay away from sugar too.A diet high in sugar can result in dryer skin and if you consume too much sugar while you’re diabetic this is going to affect the amount of blood reaching your skin making things worse. Some types of dandruff are created by fungal infections.

    Do you know what fungi love? It’s definitely sugar.

  • Other highly scrutinized foods are those rich in trans and unsaturated fats. It’s reported that these fats increase the production of oil from your sebaceous glands. Good? Bad. This will add to the dryness of skin making the situation much worse.
  • Stress is a factor you should minimize. Even if you don’t suffer from beardruff stress is just really bad for you as it alters the ratios between different hormones in your physiology. Hormones play a major role in regulating the amount of sebaceous oil your body produces. Surely you’ve noticed that you’ve developed acne during stressful periods of life like during finals or while preparing for an important project or presentation.

Basically cutting down on sugar, unhealthy fats, and stress will help you control your beard dandruff. They’re also going to make you feel better and healthier overall.

Don’t give in to beardruff and let go of your dream of having a beard. Bear dandruff treatment is available and all of the tools are at your disposal and available. Stay away from using regular shampoo and get separate shampoo for your beard. Investing in beard balms and oils won’t hurt as you’ll probably need them for grooming as your beard keeps growing.

Finally, stay healthy and avoid things that hurt your entire body including the skin.

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