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Handpicked celebrity beard styles you can easily pull off

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Our goal here at Virile Beard is to help the everyday beardster grow the beard of his dreams. That’s why we have a dedicated beard care section covering every aspect of your grooming routine as well as some useful tips you can implement when you do your next trim (which hopefully happens very often).

Every modern man has a role model and someone to look up to, whether that’s your 96 year old World War II veteran grandpa or Tom Hardy, we make no difference and that’s why we try to bring stories about everyday bearded heroes and the latest celebrity beard trends at the same time.

These are the most powerful beards among celebrities in Hollywood and in the world of sports. From James Harden to Mel Gibson to David Letterman, we try to include everybody.

Mel Gibson (actor/director)

Beard style: Gray Ducktail

mel gibson gray ducktail full beard
Mel Gibson rocks a crazy God like gray ducktail beard, he began growing more intensively before filming “Daddy’s Home II”

Lots of people are wondering what’s Mel Gibson doing in one of this year’s holiday season biggest hits “Daddy’s Home II” where he plays Mark Whalberg’s father that comes to visit for Christmas because of the actors numerous racist and at times homophobic incidents that happened over the past decade.

It seems like the “Lethal weapon” franchise action star and renowned director that created critically acclaimed titles like the five Oscars winning historical drama “Braveheart” is desperately trying to assess the damage and rebuild his public image by starting in some comedy flicks featuring stronghold industry names.

Whatever your stance on Mel Gibson is, we must admit the New York born Australian actor is rocking a powerful ducktail beard with dark and light grayish texture, giving him an evergreen look suitable for the more experienced gentlemen among you.

Tom Hardy (actor)

Beard style: Van Dyke

tom hardy beard styles
The always witty and charismatic Tom Hardy knows how to rock the full beard style and has the guts to combine it with a classy Van Dyke from time to time.

One of the best actors of his generation that took a really strange and unusual path towards glory from being a top model to playing an iconic role in the Batman series as villain Bane, shoulder to shoulder with Christian Bale.

We see him today in BBC’s “Taboo” where he plays adventurer James Keziah Delaney and manages to wear the perfect rugged Van Dyke beard style the best a man can do and even his stepsister in the series, played by Oona Chaplin (Charlie Chaplin’s grand-granddaughter), says how Tom Hardy’s facial hair smells heavenly.

We’re waiting to see what’s next from the talented UK actor/director, so if you’re going for the rugged Van Dyke beard style with a powerful handlebar mustache, just visit our Tom Hardy beards article where you’ll find tons of advice on what to and what not to do, if you want to be as cool as Bane.

Travis Fimmel (Ragnar)

Beard style: Viking ducktail

ragnar lothbrok season 1 to season 6
Ragnar Lothbrok has evolved from a hadsome peasant to a virile beard king and so has his facial hair.

Best known for his interpretation of Viking leader Ragnar Lothbrok in History’s TV Series “Vikings” this Australian actor really knows how to grow a solid Viking ducktail and is a real life proof that even light haired man can grow a beautiful mane under their chin.

This is a great look for lads in their late 20’s or early 30’s that have light colored facial hair and struggle to grow their beard on the side of their face. You really just need a strong goatee and some patience and you’re good to go with this Viking beard style.

Travis has stated how beards are just too hipster for him, so he grows one only when he needs it for work, so that’s why we’ve decided to dedicate this spot to his fictional alter ego Ragnar Lothbrok.

Even if you have patches between your cheeks and jawline, you can still pull off this beard style as long as you shape up your goatee so it has a pointy end at the bottom. If you’re ready to grow a long beard, you can quickly add some Viking themed jewelry in the form of powerful beard rings with folkloric elements.

James Harden (NBA)

Beard style: Untamed full beard

james harden full beard style
James Harden made a trademark out of his fluffy full beard style.

James Harden is one of the best players (if not the best) in this year’s NBA season and the best part is that it looks like he’s dominating the league by playing effortlessly and dropping threes on his opponents day in and day out. Great deal of NBA experts and analysts didn’t think he would fit well with Chris Paul in the starting lineup, but it seems like this dynamic duo can really go toe to toe with the Warriors.

Besides dominating the league, Harden is also dominating the beard game and the funny part is that he doesn’t use any beard products and that according to him, the fluffiness comes all natural.

Maybe James Harden has a dedicated guru to take care of his untamed mane, but we believe you can achieve the same length and shape in about a year of growth. This beard style is great for people that don’t have patches and grow a strong thick beard.

Lionel Leo Messi (Soccer)

Beard style: Full beard

leo messi egypt pyramids beard interview
Leo Messi looks like an investment banker when he’s all suited up and growing a full beard.

The soccer God Leo Messi went from a boyish to a manish look thanks to his new full beard look that really suits him well. This is not a wild mane, like the one James Harden likes to grow out, but a well maintained full beard shaped up in a manner that elongates Leo’s face.

To achieve this look, which you would surely like if you’re a Barcelona fan, you’ll need to use clippers or high quality electric trimmer as you’ll need to create a perfect jawline. After you’re done with this just trim the sides with a number one or a number two comb and even up your mustaches and goatee.

It’s a great business look for all of you bearded brothers that need to keep things tidy, but the problem is you must use a trimmer. If you’re skilled enough and you believe you wont mess things up, use some sharp barber scissors as they’ll keep your facial hair tips softer and in better shape compared to trimming with a pair of electric clippers.

Jared Leto (Actor)

Beard style: Full beard trimmed mustache

jared leto beard and outfits
Jared Leto is known for his flamboyant dressing style and it’s always cool to see his full beard flourish in that environment.

People have mixed feelings about Jarred Leto when it comes to the way he dresses and the way he acts. There are some people calling him a generational talent and yet there are others that are not impressed with his performance in classic movies like “Mr. Nobody” and “Requiem for a dream”.

It’s a shame Leto rarely has roles where he appears as a rugged bearded lad, but that’s what you get when you’re the front man of a group like “30 seconds to Mars”. I mean really … You won’t end up with the public image Tom Hardy has built, but hey … A beard has the power to look good on anybody.

The full beard trimmed mustache style Jared is rocking almost every time when he’s between roles is suitable for the young adults among you that try to cover up the patches just beneath their cheeks and the good news is you won’t spend too much time on maintenance. Just regular brushing, washing and oiling up will do the trick.

Jake Gyllenhaal (actor)

Beard style: Full beard

Jake Gyllenhaal Beard Everest(2013)
Jake Gyllenhaal grew his powerful full beard out of nowhere and it looks great.

I remember Jake Gylleenhaal from the cult classic “Donnie Darko” as it was one of those movies that left a huge impression on me during my early teens and really shaped my taste later on, even in my adulthood. With that being said, you can understand why I can’t imagine Jake Gyllenhaal with a beard on him. He’ll just always be that weird kid with a scary look in his eyes for me, but I must admit the full beard look suits him really well and I hope he gets more roles that require the style.

It seems like the length of Jake Gullenhaal’s beard is spread evenly across his face, so if you want to go after the same style you can start with a clean shave or a even stubble with the trimmer set on the same length for every inch of your face.

It’s really a clean look that can work wonders for those of you that have an oval face. Yep, face shapes play a role when you choose your beard style.

You can get some help on the topic in our article on the topic of choosing the right beard style for your face shape.

Joaquin Phoenix (actor)

Beard style: Scruffy beard

joaquin phoenix scruffy beard
Joaquin Phoenix had a scruffy beard for his mockumentary “I’m still here”.

My first experience with Joaquin Phoenix was “8 MM” and his colorful portrayal of an adult video store employee called Max California. I immediately knew he is a better actor than Nicolas Cage and started following his career semi-devotedly. Decision that I won’t regret as I got to enjoy movies like “Walk the line” (plus I’m a huge Johnny Cash fan), “Her”,  and “The Master”.

Right at the middle of this fun ride Joaquin Phoenix announced he would quit acting (before “Her” and “The Master” were filmed). Such a bummer. The best part was that Mr. Phoenix was giving up acting to start a rap career … Or was he?

Another proof of the genius behind Phoenix’s methodic acting is the fact that this was all just a big prank that would eventually turn into an iconic mockumentary titled “I’m still here”.

It was so good, even David Letterman fell for it:

David Letterman (talk show host)

Beard style: Santa

David Letterman’s Santa beard look.

After seeing David Letterman hosting “The Late Night Show” for more than three decades, it’s hard to imagine him anyway else than with a clean shaven goofy face wearing reading glasses.

It seems like the sex scandal he was in shook him hard and made him rethink about priorities in life, which resulted in a complete new style. The David Letterman Santa edition is something every beard brother should cherish.

The style is great for our bearded brothers in their 60’s or 70’s that lost almost all of their hair, so if you’re ready to go for it and need help learning how to groom your beard, just go through our detailed Beard Grooming Guide.

Jim Carrey (actor/comedian)

Beard style: Woodsman

jim carrey beard
Jim Carrey is maybe preparing his beard to play the role of God in the near future.

Legendary funnyman Jim Carrey always knows how to crack you up, even when he’s playing more serious roles like “Man on the Moon” and “The Truman Show”, but it seems like he’s struggling to find his groove in real life as there are dozens of videos on the net where he talks about the meaning of life and the meaninglessness of today.

The general belief how the funniest people are often the saddest ones, reaffirming the imagery of the “sad clown with a smiley face”, only makes us think even more about the destiny of some great comedians and Ace Ventura isn’t an exception.

This classic meltdown is just another example of the burden the genius brings with it:

It doesn’t matter whether Jim is just fooling us or he’s trying to reach out to help, or he’s just trying to save humanity … I will always prefer his bearded version that looks a lot like he’s been surfing on the coast of California the past 10 years.

This is a perfect look for the middle aged bearded (or wannabe bearded) men among you and I’m certain it will even make you wiser and help you WIN in life.

If you don’t know what to expect when growing a beard check out our article:

What to expect in the first month of beard growing

Brad Pitt (actor)

Beard Style: Scruffy full beard/goatee with beads

brad pitt beard
Brad Pitt and his beard in the early 2000’s.

Brad Pitt was setting beard standards 15 years before anyone else, even when colleagues like George Clooney and Matt Damon were calling him a hobo on movie premieres. It seems like Brad was the initial bearded Hollywoodian trendsetter that started growing a full long beard before no other actor dared.

One thing I noticed is that Brad was experimenting more often with his facial hair while he was dating and during his marriage with Jennifer Aniston. He was putting some crazy beads in it and really not caring about it at all.

Once he got married to Angelina Jolie, he had the guts to grow a goatee every now and then, but that was just not the same old bearded Pitt we all knew.

The look, the scruffy one, not the all neat and faded bearded Brad we see today, is great for the working class American trying to provide for his family.

George Clooney (actor)

Beard style: Salt and pepper beard

george clooney salt and pepper beard
George Clooney shows of his rarely seen full beard style.

It’s only right to place these two mates one after the other on this list. Especially after we’ve told you how Clooney called Brad a hobo when he was growing a beard back in 2002.

Clooney doesn’t grow a full beard that often, and we can see him clean shaven almost all of the time, but when he decides to let his facial hair a little lose, the results are astounding.

This is a perfect look for the older bearded brothers with a little bit of gray, white and black facial hair.

Jon Hamm (actor)

Beard Style: Full Stubble

jon hamm full beard style

Not everyone can grow a 10 inch yeard and wear it proudly to work. Don’t worry brother, if this is your situation just look at Jon Hamm and the way he mastered the short beard style while managing to flirt with the five o’clock shadow and the stubble length.

He’s been great in “Mad Men” and we’re looking forward to see him in a role that requires a little bit more beard.

You have a celebrity beard we didn’t mention in the list? Just fill up the comment section or shoot us a message.

When in doubt beard it out! If you don't know how, make sure to follow my blog, cuz I'm just another bearded man in this World.

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