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Brad Pitt had a beard 15 years before everyone else

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You remember when Brad Pitt was dating Jennifer Aniston? Seems like such a long time ago, doesn’t it? Well like a true trendsetter Brad was occasionally growing a long full beard even then, in the early 2000’s, when no one else would.

Here’s Brad Pitt at the premiere of “Full Frontal” back in 2002 with a powerful scruffy mane:

brad pitt white hat long beard
Brad knew beards would become trend 15 years before anyone else. This is him in 2002.

Good friend George Clooney referred to his co-star in the movie as “here comes the hobo”. Something good old George probably forgot as he’s been known to grow a medium sized full beard from time to time nowadays.

[Keep an eye around the 0:40 second mark]

Over the years Brad was criticized for his messy and scruffy beard, especially when he let his goatee go lose and try to control it with couple of displaced beads. Media compared him to Jack Sparrow and have even started rumor mill that the Brangeline super-couple is separating …

brad pitt beard beans
When his beard was scruffy, the hollywood actor tried to control it with beads.
brad pitt goatee beans beard
Setting beard standards with his goatee even when he was with Angelina.

Well, that eventually turned out to be true, but it was not because of Brad Pitt’s beard.

brad pitt suit beard
He even had a beard style for official occasions.

Brad experiments with different beard styles even today, but it seems like his favorite one is a well groomed faded Van Dyke, like the one he had on “The Ellen Show”.

If you’re going for one of the many Brad Pitt beard looks, I suggest you also educate yourself on the matter of beard growing before you start, as you’ll need to know how to maintain the overall healthy appearance of your new manly mane.

For those of you already in the beard game, you can always check out our ultimate Trimming Guide to avoid mishaps that will force you to shave it off, or just write down a question in the comment box bellow.

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