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David Letterman retires and starts growing an epic Santa beard

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After exactly 35 years David Letterman was forced to hang the boots and give the torch to Stephen Colbert as the new host of “The Late Night Show” because of a sex scandal that really shook one of the longest standing celebrities in the world of show business.

This resulted with Mr. Letterman changing his entire physical appearance including a short hair trim that reveals all of his bald spots and growing a Santaesque beard.

We really dig the beard and it seems like Dave always had hard time saying goodbye to it while he was working:

david letterman gray beard glasses mark twain award
David Letterman cracking to Steve Martin’s jokes on his account during the Mark Twain award ceremony.
jimmy kimmel david letterman beard tie suit
David Letterman on the Jimmy Kimmel late night show talking his retirement.

Al Franken stroking David Letterman’s beard.
Unrecognizable David Letterman with Tom MacDonald.
When you closeup he does look like Santa.

David Letterman opening Peyton Manning’s statue ceremony.
“I have cut my shaving time to zero” – David Letterman.
Before and after pic. Unrecognizable.
David letterman pearl jam speech
David Letterman stroking his beard during the Pearl Jam, Rock-n-Rool induction speech.
Old man game is strong.
copyright: best of new york
Best of New York cover picture.

David Letterman’s beard is great for the more experienced among our bearded brothers and if you need any help pulling of the look, you can just find some useful tips in our guides filled with beard grooming advice:

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If you’re still unsure this is the right path to go when your beard comes into question, just send us a message or write something in the comment section and I’ll solve your problem right away.

When in doubt beard it out! If you don't know how, make sure to follow my blog, cuz I'm just another bearded man in this World.

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