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What Is A Handlebar Mustache

One of the most recognized mustache styles out there, the handlebar mustache dates its origin all the way back to Iron Age. It was proudly worn through the years, but its finest moments start in the late 19th century when Wild West cowboys started wearing them. The name comes from the resemblance to a bicycle handlebar, but it’s also known as a spaghetti mustache because of the stereotypical association with Italian men.

Handlebar mustache style example

The Walrus – Handlebar Mustache Style

Who Can Pull It Off?

The Handlebar mustache can accommodate almost every face type out-there I would suggest it most to the stylish types. It gives out an elegant appearance and needs to be accompanied by a matching lifestyle. I would say that square and oblong faces would benefit most from this particular mustache style but the diamond and triangle shape is also suitable. The two lines descending past the mouth add some horizontal direction to the face, making it appear fuller.Suitable face shapes for the handlebar mustache style


Today, the handlebar mustache style is quite popular with the hipster culture which is really annoying and little sad. Why is sad, you ask? Well, anything those hipster trendsetters get their hands on, sooner or later it gets repulsive to wear and gets destroyed in the eyes of the normal person.

US marines are not permitted to grow mustaches longer than half an inch.

The Handlebar Champion

How To Handlebar Mustache Guide:

Shaping and Trimming Your Handlebar Mustache

You will need a long mustache so you’ll have plenty of material to work with. The main tools that you will need are a trimmer and a razor if your trimmer doesn’t have an edge function. It best to start shaping your mustache after a hot shower so the hair is untangled and soften up.

Step 1

You’ll need slightly dampen your mustaches and then comb them downwards.

Step 2

Use the trimmer to even the ends of your mustache. Trimm it more in the center of your lips. You choose how thick and long you want to be your whiskers.

Step 3

Make sure the upper edge of your mustache is also nice and clean.

Step 4

When you are all done stylizing your handlebar mustache, you should shave the remaining facial hair on your neck, cheeks, and chin. Be careful around the mustache.

Maintaining Your Handlebar Mustache

Keep in mind that this mustache style requires regular maintenance. You should shave the neck, chin, and cheeks every few days to keep it clean. Also, don’t forget the regular oils and balms treatment.

Bill The Butcher Handlebar Mustache - Gangs of New York

Bill The Butcher Handlebar Mustache – Gangs of New York

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