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Honest Amish Review: Are they really the most trusted beard brand?

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Honest Amish is a company dedicated to helping you have the best beard possible. Located in Western, Pennsylvania they craft soaps, balms, waxes, and even licorice. They use natural material as opposed to the mainstream synthetic products you’ll find on the market. The good news is that you can make an order regardless of where you live whether in or out of the United States.

Their products stand out among men with beards thanks to their natural scent and feel. Most of them carry a slight smell of licorice or a distinct woodsy smell, which some love and some don’t really enjoy, but they also have unscented products.

You’ll find decent reviews online and people saying things like “I’ll stick with Honest Amish for as long as I have a beard.” Their most popular options include the branded beard balm and the strong holding wax.

Best Seller: Honest Amish Beard Balm (4 ounce tin)

Honest Amish’s famous beard balm comes in a tin wrapped in a burlap bag with an instruction manual on how to “fix” the product if it was altered during shipping due to melting for instance, which happens a lot by the way.

It’s simple, looks nice, and it’s always harder to lose something if it’s in a red burlap bag.

Now let’s take a look at the most essential component of the balm: the ingredients. The main ingredient is the argan oil which is rich with Vitamin E and fatty acids that make your beard grow thicker and keep it soft at the same time. There are also a couple of oils such as avocado oil, grapeseed oil, and virgin pumpkin oil. These moisturize your beard and keep the underlying skin healthy.

Honest Amish’s best selling product is one of the best on the market in its category

Which ingredient is unique and sets this product apart from similar ones?

It’s definitely kokum seed oil which you’ll rarely find in other beard products. Kokum seed oil softens skin and helps protect it from allergies. It also contributes to the slight woodsy scent of the balm. You won’t find kokum seed oil in many beard balms, but if you do then you automatically know then that product is a level above the rest.

Other commoner ingredients are shea, aloe, and cocoa butter plus essential oils. Fortunately there are no petroleum products listed here, and if there were then this wouldn’t be a best seller.

The scent as we already mentioned is a slight woodsy one that’s not too overwhelming. Kokum seed oil is the main contributor to this sweet scent that so many enjoy. It’s certainly a manly one that at the same time keeps you feeling fresh and relaxed like you’re taking a walk through the woods after a rainy day.

You can apply the balm just like any other. Rub it in your hands in order to loosen up any collections then run your fingers through your beard. You won’t need to use too much balm at a time which is one of the perks of using one of the best products on the market.

Honest Amish’s beard balm will last you almost the entire day after just applying it once in the morning. It’ll keep your beard moist and shiny. You’ll be able to feel the moisture in your beard as you run your hands through it and I don’t mean that in the greasy annoying manner. It’ll also keep your beard looking fresh and shiny rather than dull and dry.

It costs about 23$ which is a solid price considering you’ll be acquiring arguably the best beard balm on the market. It’ll last you several months too since the balm in the tin is long lasting and you don’t need to use much per day to keep your beard in optimum conditions.

Other Popular Products:

Honest Amish Original Beard Wax

Honest Amish offers a variety of top quality beard waxes

This is one of Honest Amish’s oldest and first products. Consisting mainly of beeswax (along with organic and essential oils plus fruit and nut butter) this product certainly achieves a unique hold on beard hair without compromising style. It doesn’t have as much beeswax as similar products, but that’s not a bad thing considering how this just makes it lighter while still being as effective.

It’s best used for shorter beards as it’s not strong enough to work with beards that are over 4 inches in length. Anything less than 4 inches and it’ll work like a charm. You can apply it in the same manner as you do beard balm but you might want to focus on particular stray hairs in order to keep them in formation with the rest of your beard.

It costs about 13$ and qualifies for free shipping when you order it from Honest Amish’s website. 13$ is definitely a great price considering the product’s qualities.

Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil 20z

Beard oils are for when you need something to keep your beard and the underlying skin moist and hydrated. You probably won’t find another oil on the market that does its job as well as this one. Most oils consist of the same couple of products making them all almost identical.

Honest Amish, as one would expect, took things to another level and created beard oil consisting of 7 ingredients. These are: avocado oil, virgin pumpkin seed oil, sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil, golden jojoba oil, virgin argan oil, and kukui oil.

Perhaps not their top selling product, but Honest Amish’s oil is still quite reliable

That wasn’t just a list of weird sounding names you probably haven’t heard of, they’re the 100% natural ingredients that’ll keep your beard moist and hydrated. This is particularly useful for those of us who have dry skin or hair.

When it comes to scent it mostly shares the woodsy scent of the Honest Amish Beard Balm we talked about earlier. The 20z bottle costs about 14$ which is perfectly reasonable.

Honest Amish Extra Grit Beard and Body Soap

Costing about 7$ this is a soap you can start your day with. What makes it special is the presence of betonite clay, wild cherry bark, and black walnut hulls among other things. These components will help remove any residue on your skin keeping it healthy and helping your beard grow thicker.

Some people complain that it leaves the beard a little dry. One way to avoid the dryness is to apply beard balm or wax after taking a shower at the start of your day.

All of these 3 products qualify for free shipping through the company’s website and can also be purchased on Amazon.

Honest Amish certainly knows what it’s doing and it’s no wonder that all of the user reviews online are positive. There are almost no complaints as most people who try an Honest Amish product keep using it consistently and don’t want to go back to their pre Honest Amish life.

The prices are reasonable enough with none of the 3 products being expensive keeping in mind that they’ll last you a long time. The bottom line is that if you’re looking for what’s best for your beard then Honest Amish is your safest bet.

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