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How Long Does it Take to Grow a Beard?

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The average is half an inch per month (1.2 cm), but this number varies a lot from person to person and is highly influenced by your “genetic structure” and the overall health status of your body in general.

That’s why it’s important to know what exactly affects the growth of your beard, so you can start working on finally growing stronger and thicker facial hair. You can maybe cut those sugars from your diet, go to bed earlier than before, introduce some strength training to your routine, you never know what might help.

Well, I do. I’ve learned from first-hand experience how it’s extremely time-consuming to nurture a powerful beard and it can be very annoying to deal with stuff like beardruff and dry hair. At worst, you may end up shaving off and starting from the top. 

To help you avoid this, I’ve created a detailed Beard Growing Guide, as well as a Grooming Guide filled with helpful tips and tricks. For those of you that want to know how to grow a thicker beard, you can go straight to my article on the topic:

In this article, on the other hand, I’ll try to focus on explaining how long does it take to grow a beard, covering all the major factors affecting the process. Hopefully, you’ll find useful information and actionable tactics you can start using today.  

Now, let’s focus on the science behind the hair growth process, allowing you to gain more than that half of inch per month.

Hair Growth Cycle Phases

The best question you may ask yourself is how long can you grow your facial hair before you start shredding. It usually takes anywhere between 2 to 6 years for a beard to stop growing and this is when you’re still in the Anagen phase, which is probably the most important hair growth phase.


For example, the hair on your head is in the anagen phase 85% of the time. To better understand why we care so much about hair growth phases and how this affects the time you’ll need to grow a strong beard, let’s take a short look at what every hair growth phase means.


Anagen or the growth stage is what we’re talking about today and the sad news is it’s only influenced by your genetics. Yep, you heard that one right. The time you spend growing your beard can be shortened because your prehistoric ancestor didn’t need any facial hair to protect him from the cold.

The longer you stay in the anagen phase, the lengthier your beard will become and the funniest part is you can’t affect this in any way. Is the universe a control freak? I guess it is to some extent.

This is not so scary as you’ll have more than enough time, at least two years, to grow a respectable beard.

How fast will your beard grow during this period, on the other hand, is a completely different question and this is up to you till some point. It’s either the level of stress you’re exposed to, your dieting habits or even the amount of sleep you get at night.

Luckily enough we solve the biggest beard growth problems right here, so just keep reading and you’ll find your answers.


Probably the most unimportant facial hair growth phase as it only happens to one percent of your body hair at the moment. This is when melanin stops being produced in the hair bulb and your hair starts to regenerate by staying practically the same until the telogen phase begins.


When the telogen phase begins it means your hair renewed and it will continue growing at a certain point, but the trick here is you’ll need anywhere between 4 and 6 months to see a noticeable result. Around 10% to 15% of your hair is in this growth stage at any given moment.

Don’t burden yourself with hair growth phases as each hair will grow for 2-6 years and after that, it will renew and start the whole process all over again.

As everybody wants a visual presentation nowadays, we’ve dug up this cool video explaining hair growth stages:

Facial Hair Separates Itself From The Bunch

longest-beardThere 3 types of hair on your body:

  • Terminal
  • Vellus
  • Androgenic

The androgenic type starts growing during puberty and it’s more noticeable with men. This is your chest hair, back hair … it really depends on your metabolism where on your body you’ll experience most growth of this hair type.

The vellus is spread across your entire body and this is the hair that’s really hard to see, especially if you have light hair color. Don’t worry about it as it’s almost insignificant when we talk beard growth.

The terminal hair type starts growing since you’re a little tiny fetus in your mother’s womb and it stays on you forever.

If we know all of this, it’s safe to assume how your beard is a part of the androgenic type of hair, but this would mean how the growth cycle will be all done and finished in only two months, which we all know is not correct.

You can notice with your bare eye how your facial hair has different texture and growth habits compared to any other piece of hair on your body. It’s something between androgenic and terminal.

Determine how long will it take to grow a beard on your own

According to the British Journal of Dermatology, the growth of your facial hair is directly related to plasma testosterone.

What probably bugs you is how long will you need to grow your beard. That’s why we’re all here for and it’s something you need to know before you choose the right beard style.

To avoid any assumptions I strongly suggest you:

  • Begin with a clean shave (normally if you’re willing to).
  • Leave your beard to grow for a week or two.
  • Measure the growth of your strongest and weakest beard parts with a ruler.

This way you have the exact number behind your one or two-week beard growth and you can make an argument supported by data on how long will it take to grow 5 inches, 10 inches or even a one-foot beard.

Beard Growth Time Lapse

To show you what can be expected in one year of beard growth, day by day, month by month, we picked this interesting and insightful beard growth time lapse:

Beard Growth Chart

It really depends from person to person, but if you feel like your beard grows slowly and there’s something wrong with, it may be useful to go through our beard growing guide and the article section on the topic.

If you don’t find anything helpful over there, don’t hesitate to contact us or drop a line in the comment section. We’re all about you and your beard man!

When in doubt beard it out! If you don't know how, make sure to follow my blog, cuz I'm just another bearded man in this World.

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