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I was impressed with Jake Gyllenhaal with his performance in “Donnie Darko” in my early teens and it’s really great to see him rising from that movie that built huge cult following to making Hollywood blockbusters and nailing every character he’s assigned with.

Thanks to his oval shaped face Jake is capable of pulling off almost any beard style from a ducktail to a Van Dyke, but it’s interesting to see how he’s stuck with a well nurtured long stubble transforming into a faded long beard from time to time.

If you’re looking into the style, but don’t know where to begin you can check out my Grooming and Growing guides for some useful tips and tricks.

Celebrity beard styles you can easily pull off

jake gyllenhaal tie.

Jake Gylenhaal is our proof that a bearded man can definitely look good in a shirt. Tie or no tie.

jake gyllenhaal beard shirt

Shirt without a tie and a long beard for a refined lumberjack look.

Jake Gylenhall smiling

We rarely see Jake Gylenhall smile on movies, but he’s really a joyful bearded person off set.

jake gyllenhaal on the late night show with jimmy kimmel

Long beard and a classy suit work well for Jake Gyllenhaal.

Jake Gyllenhaal life interview

Medium beard length with a trimmed mustache can fit great with your tidy hairstyle.

jake gyllenhaal the hellen show

Shorter stubble is great for people with oval faces. Just look at the picture.

jake gylenhaal jimmy kimmel late night show

Jake Gylenhaal’s stubble looks great with medium hair length as well.

Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal hitting the red carpet for the Oscars with a neat long stubble and long combed hair.

The Jake Gyllenhaal beard style is perfect for those of you with a oval face shape and a strong wide chin. Maintenance and grooming should be a piece of cake as you’ll only need to set your trimmer on the same length for your entire face. No fades, no nothing. To keep your beard well moisturized and healthy use a beard oil or balm.

Best natural oils that will keep your beard looking healthy 

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