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Joaquin Phoenix isn’t the first one in the family with a virile scruffy beard

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We’re all in favor of the fuzzy bearded Joaquin Phoenix and it was really pleasant and surprising at the same time, to see how he wasn’t the first one in his family rocking a powerful full beard. Going through some old interviews of Joaquin and his family there were couple of things that really stuck out.

(First of all, Joaquin’s real name is Leaf. Yes. Freaking Leaf Phoenix and).

Edit [20/4/2018]: Joaquin Rafael is Phoenix’s born name, which he changed to Leaf during his teens, together with his siblings River, Rain, Liberty and Summer. He switched back to his birth name only couple of years after.

He was surprisingly enough born in Puerto Rico. None of his brothers and sisters were born in the same country let alone state. His mother and father who were both social activists had to do a lot with this.

If you think Joaquin’s name is unusual, what do you have to say about his siblings Rain, Liberty, Summer and River? That’s the name combination you get when your mother is a social activist in the 60’s.

The sad part of his life story is the way his oldest brother, now the late River Phoenix overdosed and died in front of a nightclub where he was scheduled to perform with his close friend Flea from the Red Hot Chilly Peppers.

Another interesting fact about Joaquin and his family is that his parents were a part of a cult following called Children of God (known as Family International today) until 1973.

While going through the interviews and the videos from his family, we’ve noticed how Joaquin’s father John Lee Bottom rocked a solid beard and looks exactly like his son does when he wears a beard.

joaquin phoenix father john lee bottom
Joaquin, then known as Leaf, Phoenix resembled his father a lot.

joaquin phoenix family father with beard
John Lee Bottom (Joaquin’s father) – far left, Joaquin – far right; with their family.
Joaquin phoenix father john lee bottom beard
Scruffy beards were always cool in the Phoenix family. Joaquin with his father John, mother Arlyn, and his siblings.
phoenix family
Family vacation for the Phoenix family.
joaquin phoenix family portrait
The really early days of Joaquin Phoenix and his family.
Joaquin Phoenix and his family.
Joaquin phoenix mother and father.
Joaquin Leaf Phoenix’s mother and father.

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  1. Diana Nunez Reply

    First of all, Joaquin’s real name IS Joaquin Rafael. He took on the name Leaf in his teens in order to have a name pertaining to nature, like his siblings River, Summer etc. He took back his original name a few years later.

    • Thanks for sharing this with us Diana, we were really amazed by Joquin’s background while looking for pictures for this article. I believe not so many people today are really familiar with this part of his life. We’re making the edit in the article right now!

      Thanks again 🙂

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