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Leven Rose Wooden Beard & Mustache Comb Review

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We’ve already talked in length about Leven Rose and their unscented oil as a part of our best beard oils guide, and it seems like this company catering for both men and women is always releasing high quality products in the grooming and care sections.

That’s why it’s not surprising to see how the Leven Rose wooden beard & moustache comb is one classy piece of grooming equipment. It’s made out of natural derived products or to be more specific, bamboo, and it will really surprise you how smooth it feels when you run it through your beard.

Excellent choice for rugged beards that need some gentle touch, but it’s questionable why the company manufacturer expects from you to use this product for your moustache. The teeth of the comb are just set too wide apart and their pretty thick individually, which makes this comb useless for the shapeup of your moustache.

Having this in mind it doesn’t come as a big surprise when we hear all the problems people with shorter beards had when using this comb. I would suggest you get this comb only after you grow couple of inches beneath your chin. Shorter lengths, stubbles, 5 o’clock shadows … You can’t use this comb for them.

The great news is that Leven Rose will reimburse you with no questions asked if you find this comb useless, so that’s one point plus for the company and their customer care strategy.

It’s listed as a pocket comb, but it’s a little bit bulkier than other products of its type, so you may find it difficult to squeeze in those slim jeans. But, who the heck still wears them … Beardsters? Probably …

Anyways, the Leven Rose Beard & Moustache comb is a classy pocket comb and it’s not that expensive standing at almost $9 at the official store.

Made of: Organic bamboo.

Best for: Long and thick beards.

Pros: It’s made out of bamboo, so it won’t create any static electricity like a plastic comb would.

Cons: You’ll find it hard to use it with shorter beards and moustaches.

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