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7 Health Benefits You Get For Growing a Beard

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Your beard is a gift that keeps on giving when we talk physical appearance, but there are also some major health benefits you’ll get by just growing a thick layer of facial hair on your face. This is not just some cliche hipster trend, it’s a way of life and you should at least know some of the biggest health related advantages your beard provides for you.

Taking aside the results from researches focused on the way people perceive you with and without beard, we’ll try to focus only on the health benefits that come with the increase of your facial hair levels.

To support our claim we’ve found this detailed research conducted by the Journal of Hospital Infection, which statistically proved how men that clean shave often are more likely to pick up bacterias that cause infection, compared to their bearded counterparts.

This is some groundbreaking research stuff you can shove in the face of all those people that support one of the biggest beard myths:

Bearded men have all sorts of bacteria stacked in their beard.

Myth debunked. Now, let’s go on and check some of the major health benefits your beard hides.


Look at this happy face. This guy probably had allergic reactions to pollen that he got rid of thanks to his beard. No kidding. This is one of those HUGE health improvements your beard can make on your metabolism.

1. Beards decrease chances of getting skin cancer on your face.

This applies only to the parts of the body your beard is covering and is a pretty straight forward assumption. The UV rays that come from the sun can harm your skin if you don’t use protection. Sometimes even a high UV creme isn’t enough. What your beard does is directly protecting your face from all that negative sun radiation in the summer and throughout the year.

You’ll need to accept how your face will not tan in the summer, but hey, if this protects you directly from skin cancer, why not?

Plus you’ll protect your face from skin rashes and sunburns, so you’re looking at an extremely comfortable summer where you couldn’t care less about protecting your face. It’s still advisable to put on some sun lotion beneath that beard of yours, but you’re smart enough to keep away from the sun in its peak hours.

After all, we wouldn’t like to see you dry off that beard with all those lotion chemicals.

Australia is one of hottest spots on the planet, so it isn’t surprising how the people over there made an entire research on the topic of beards and UV protection. The conclusion of this scientific research, performed on dummies not real men, was that beards and facial hair in general offers certain degree of sun protection, but all of this is related to the thickness of the beard and its size.

The best advice we can give?

Advice: Don’t rely on your beard to protect you when it’s boiling hot out there and don’t shave your beard after your vacation on the beach as you’ll want to avoid getting that ridiculous “all body tanned except from my face” look.

2. Moisturizing your face like never before.

Your face is extremely sensitive to outside influences. That’s why it’s so hard to keep it moisturized all the time, but the good news is your beard will help you out with this. How?

The beard protects you from the wind and sun, and other outside influences, but we already knew this, right? What you probably didn’t knew is that face moisturization is closely connected with your sebaceous glands and the oils they produce.

These oils are affected by the outside factors we’re mentioning. That’s why your beard plays such a huge role in the protection of your face and keeping it moisturized at the same time.

Advice: Use mild or baby shampoos that will keep your pH levels intact. Feed your beard with oils and use a conditioner every now and then.

3. Shaving problems become a thing of the past.

Shaving is not only boring and one of the most nagging habits one human being can develop in his adulthood, but it’s also one of the main reasons why you can develop acute acne and ingrown hair issues.

Why torture yourself?

All those tiny cuts that make holes on your face and not to mention the abrasions you “enrich” your beautiful face with. It’s just not worth it when you know all of this can be avoided by just growing a thick beard.

Folliculitis is one of the more serious conditions caused by shaving we can outline here, but ingrown hair and those always looming skin infections are also something you need considering.

What else did you expect?

Advice: Running a razor blade over your unprotected face will lead to this eventually. Be smart and toss your razor in the can.

4. Allergies? No, thanks. I have a beard.

It’s surely debatable, but pure logic leads us to the conclusion that strong and thick beards and moustaches decrease your chances of being affected by some common allergies.

Imagine you have a natural filter sitting in front of your body’s two points that most frequently get attacked by those negative allergens from the nature. Your mouth and your nose.

Thank your beard because it will stop pollen and other allergens transferred through air, enter your body and torture your immune system. Some unproven researches also show how the small amount of pollen that gathers on your beard can improve your reaction to hay fever and other similar types of allergies.

Advice: Wash your beard on regular basis to make sure how those allergens we’ve talked about stay away from your eyes.

5. Your beard is your natural weapon against asthma relief.

We know how hard is for people affected with asthma to go with their everyday life, so we won’t put the importance of beard in the matter like it’s some game changer, but it can certainly act as an additional filter to toxic exposures from your surrounding.

Advice: The beard as a filter can decrease asthma levels, but it surely isn’t the most effective solution.

6. Flu and cold symptoms get stuck on your beard.

Yeah your beard is a filter we already covered that narrative. Beards will also provide additional warmth source for your face and act as a huge cold relief factor. This can be extremely handy if you live in places like Canada, Alaska or Minnesota. This is not all, as beards will also catch most of the bacteria trying to infiltrate your immune system.

Advice: Think about adding a long beard to your scarf and gloves in winter.

7. It’s harder to get bacterial infection.

Where does bacteria exist? No, it’s not a trick question. We’re really curios whether you know where those harmful bacterias lay their eggs first?

On your skin!

Without any beard around and shaving constantly, you’re exposing your face to unwanted bacteria and you’re only making things worse if you start shaving all the time, which as we all know leads to tons of cuts and hurt skin.

What’s the biggest benefit you’re experiencing from having a beard on your own? We would like to hear from you in the comment section.

When in doubt beard it out! If you don't know how, make sure to follow my blog, cuz I'm just another bearded man in this World.

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