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10 Reasons To Grow A Beard You Must Know Right Now

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Not everything that becomes part of modern culture will end up being accepted by the majority. Beards have both their supporters and doubters, but we all just need to agree there are some logical reasons why you must start growing a beard.

It’s ok not to be fond of how beards look or being sincere with yourself and accepting the fact you just can’t grow one, although there are solutions for any situation if you go through our beard care section, but please stop diminishing beards only because everybody is trying to grow them. This is not a legit reason.

Beards are not a part from some great consumer big markets conspiracy, they just look cool on you and carry some extremely interesting health benefits with them. No matter the reason why you started growing a beard, we support you. It can be because it looks great or you just don’t want to bother shaving every other day. It’s all the same. Even if you’re trying to make a statement, we’ll always be pro beards in any scenario.

This article targets two types of people.

The ones that love beards for no specific reasons and their better halfs that just love seeing their guy with a beard; and those of you that still ponder about the idea of growing one.

There’s no salvation for those of you that hate beards, but we still suggest you scroll through this page. It may be educational as it’s filled with info that possesses the power to maybe persuade you and make you join the majority that accepts beards as they are.

1. Ultimate Sun Protection From Those Nasty UV Rays


The primal role of beards is to protect your face from harsh weather conditions. During the ice age and almost throughout the entire existence of mankind ice and cold were greater enemies than heath, but with today’s global warming trend you’re obviously gonna need that beard to protect you from the sun and the ever increasing UV rays.

To go all SCIENTIFIC on you, recent studies have shown how a thick beard can block almost 95% of UV rays. If you want to tan this summer, you should consider growing a long beard.

How To Grow A Thicker, Longer Beard

2. Forget About Aftershave Acne

Why do people look like cute newborn babies when they shave off their yeards? It’s because their skin went so soft due to the absence of all that stress that comes with frequent shaving. Your skin will be soft and you can forget about that acne and ingrown hair that comes after each and every clean shave. When shaving, you also spread skin bacteria that causes acne in the first place, which is supported by this study.

Beard Care Guide

3. People Are Superficial

There was a recent study conducted on eight different men, which was focused on following them through their beard growth process and analyzing all the stages they’ve went through.

Their progress was documented through weekly pictures of their beard that were afterwards showcased in front of a group consisted out of 128 people, half of which female. With the growth of each of the subjects beard’s the opinion from the group steered to the perception of these men as more serious, mature, healthy and attractive.

This only shows how people will always base their first impression on physical traits and create a detailed character prototype of you, without even sharing couple of words beforehand. Growing a beard has a lot to do with the natural appeal of your personality. Do it for yourself, don’t do it for the masses. That’s our two cents.

You can find more about the topic in this study that focused on finding a relation between beards and the law of attraction that applies between men and women. These researchers found out how beards are considered to have direct affect on how attractive you appear to the oposite gender, but only if you have a strong jawline and accented cheekbones at the same time.

That’s why it’s always great to know the style you’re after and what are your weak and strong points so you can work on emphasizing or improving your beard.

Beard Trimming Guide For Different Styles and Lengths

4. Huge Confidence Builder

Especially when you’re in your teenage days and your beard is sort of a rarity among your peers. Having a strong beard during this period where you shape as a man can build your character and reward you with some personal character traits you haven’t had in the past. Science has shown that undergraduate boys benefit in great deal, if they start growing out a beard early.

Women from some parts of the world perceive beards as a symbol of social statute and experience. This isn’t anything new, but we can agree it’s a topic that can be viewed in a different light today, with the world becoming one big digital market where trends change rapidly and styles become global in a blink of an eye.

Beards and psychology go together and you should always have that in mind, but you can also just satisfy with growing a beard because you like the feeling.

How To Grow A Beard? Ultimate Guide Filled With Tips Based On Personal Experience

5. Natural Body Protector

If you grow a thick mustache, you can be rest assured how no microscopic allergens will come near your nose and travel to your sinuses or lungs. All of you allergic beard wanna growers, start growing out today because you may come to a place where you stop experiencing hay fever symptoms.

Your beard is a natural protector of your body and it will keep different harmful bacteria from reaching your face and creating debris and dead skin, but you have to take into consideration how you’ll need taking good care of your beard, wash it regularly and groom it the best way possible.

Don’t hesitate and start growing both your beard and your moustache. It will immediately make you a healthier person.

6. Look Healthier With Every Day You Grow Your Beard


When we take into consideration all of this dead skin, acne relief, bacteria protection stuff we come to the conclusion how beards are more hygienic than we believed in the past. Come one, you must admit you were a bit sceptic when your best friend told you how he feels healthier with a beard on, and you were right. There’s one big catch.

Beards can become spreaders of bacteria and bad news around your face if you don’t take good care of them and wash religiously. This will make your facial dry, so you also need to start thinking about beard oils, waxes, pomades and lotions; but it’s surely something you mast start considering.

Grooming Guide

Why do you need beard oils?

Best Beard Oils


7. You’ll Look Young In Your Old Beard Days

Going on that 30 year graduation looking like George Clooney isn’t bad at all. Remember how serious and successful people perceived you? How will they react when they see you like a slightly older version of you from the old days

Just look at Jeff Bridges in 2013 on the set of R.I.P.D. shoulder to shoulder with Kevin Bacon who’s ten years younger than The Dude who had 63 years at that time. No wrinkle on site, maybe some red eyes, but hey … it’s el Dudinho after all.

8. Probability of Catching Nasty Gum Disease Decreases

Gum disease happens mostly as a result from the consumption of various bacteria you digest from the outside. The same goes for acne and allergies, as with gum diseases. If it doesn’t get inside your organism, you decrease the chances of catching it, so just accept the fact you must have a beard on your face and make sure you wash it regularly.

9. Skin Moisture At Its Finest

When you shave you automatically destroy your face creating enough dead skin to feed a field of bacteria, plus you make little cuts that open up your face a little bit and will be the direct cause of dry skin in the future. Your beards doesn’t only keep your skin protected from the harsh weather conditions, but it also acts as a protector from yourself and your own razor blade. Beardsmen with longer beards must use beard oils because most of the sebum they naturally produce will stay in the root of your hair follicle.

10. Prevents Other Bacterial Infections

You keep your face protected. We repeat this idea throughout the article, but it’s important to know that there are more serious diseases you can “catch” with your face than chronic allergies and some mild unimportant bacteria. You’re not protecting only your nose, it’s the entire immune system you’re improving.

Hopefully we showed you why men can benefit from growing a beard and it would be a huge success for us if you use the researches that were a part of our text for further reading.

Starting to grow a beard in the first place is tough, so for all of you new breed of beards we’re here and we’ll help out with any advice we may have, so don’t be shy to fill up the comment section or send us a mail at if you want to be more discrete.

The ones of you that have beards and are proud of them, I guess this article makes you even happier to have such a powerful masculine characteristic sitting on your face, which at the same time acts as a body protector.

When in doubt beard it out! If you don't know how, make sure to follow my blog, cuz I'm just another bearded man in this World.

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