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3 DIY Beard oil recipes for a stronger and thicker beard

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Making your own beard oil isn’t that complicated as people thing. You don’t even need to follow these recipes, just be creative and follow your gut or better said nose. The DIY beard oils I’ve listed here are great for people with weak and scruffy facial hair, but they can be used solely because of their fragrance properties as well. If you need help while making the blends, feel free to contact me directly or drop a line in the comment section.

Are men and women really from two different planets?

I would argue this notion after completing my research to find the best oil for my beard.

I was all into the rugged “don’t care for my mane” attitude when I started growing out my beard, but this line of thought quickly changed after a month or so into my journey.

During the first couple of weeks it was the itch, oh boy, I can’t find the words to express how annoying this can be, especially if you’ve never experienced skin related problems in your life.

When my beard broke the one inch barrier the itch became more bearable and I was finally on the path of growing a powerful beard.

Or was I?

In my second month of beard growing I was forced to admit that I need to start grooming.

My beard was dry and scruffy, so it was time to hit the books and start learning more about the latest gentleman’s grooming habits.

I found some pretty useful communities on social media, forums and subreddits; and it was surprising to see such a large number of dudes talking about their beards and what type of ils they use, and how they solve their biggest problems.

It almost seemed like a discussion in some of those groups bae follows.

How much almond oil did you put in your blend?

Did you use jojoba?

How did you battle weak hair and split ends?

These are all some common questions all of these active bearded men communities had, and it was really refreshing to witness the competence and the useful info people in here provided.

Spending only couple of hours with my virtual bearded brothers I learned what to keep an eye on when searching for the perfect oil solving all of my beard related problems.

Another revelation was that men invest huge chunk of their time into grooming. It became evident how brushing your beard and trimming it regularly results in a healthy facial hair.

One thing led to the other and I quickly became an amateur expert in the field of facial hair care.

The most important lesson I learned is that you:


To achieve this you’ll need to work on your blood flow and make sure you consume all the right vitamins and minerals.

But, most importantly, you must apply oil to your beard.

Here are the three proven oil combinations I use to have a shiny and healthy looking itch free beard. The best part is they’ll cost you only pennies to the dollar. 

Mediterranean Breeze

Olive oil is great because it’s filled with healthy Omega fatty acids including the dominant oleic acid, which makes it a light carrier oil with a fruity aroma that can do wonders for your curly hair and the dry skin beneath your beard.

When combined with the strong bitter note of the bay and the refreshing scent of rosemary, you get a distinct woodsy smell that battles problems like itchy and dry skin and facial hair.



  • Per ounce: $8
  • Total: $30
  • Monthly: $2 (one ounce lasts me for 4-6 months and I have a LONG beard, but still … I’m not a heavy user, only once every couple of days)

Rustic Country

Sweet almond oil is mild in nature, but it can cause allergic reactions, so it’s smart to test a small amount on your skin before using it regularly.

Cassia is a type of cinnamon and Thuja is a sweeter version of Eucalyptus, which makes this combination perfect for cold winter days.

Besides improved circulation and skin moisturization, the sweet almond oil is also rich with Vitamin E.



  • Per ounce: $2
  • Total: $30
  • Monthly: $0.5 (this is so cheap … I just noticed as I did the math, and it will last you for 10 years, or you could just start giving it away to your friends)

Desert Fresh

Argan oil is great for hair protection and nourishment as it’s rich in fatty acids, Vitamins E & A, and various antioxidants. The jojoba ads quite the unique touch to this mix with its ability to mimic the natural sebum creation process of the human body through its eicosenoic acid.

The lemongrass and pennyroyal essentials are great antiseptics that will strengthen your weak hair and keep it clean at the same time.



  • Per ounce: $4.2
  • Total: $42
  • Monthly: $1 (This is probably the best value for money on the list)

Hopefully, at least one of these recipes works for you and helps you overcome some of the biggest obstacles you face during your beard growing journey. You must use oils if you want to have a healthy and good looking beard while being able to protect the skin on your face from debris accumulation and rigid dryness.

I personally use the Mediterranean Breeze combination and add a bit of Tea Tree oil and I must say it helped me go from a dry and scruffy beard to a powerful dark mane. Just look at the before and after, there’s a hug difference:

beard oil before and after example
The image on the left is what happened to my beard when I didn’t use any beard oil. The results on the right are a result of a 10 day regular beard oil application regime. Now I oil up couple of times a week.

While you’re at it, you can make a batch for your girl and she can use it as a mask for her hair. Just a thought … This way you get two for the price of one.

If you have any questions about how to mix these oils, feel free to send me a message or write a comment bellow.

When in doubt beard it out! If you don't know how, make sure to follow my blog, cuz I'm just another bearded man in this World.

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