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Beard Grooming Tips: 8 Ways to Optimize Your Beard

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Beard grooming is one of the most difficult beaty related processes your average male faces on daily basis. We don’t care that much about what shampoo or paste we’re using, we don’t need makeup of course, but beard grooming has never been our strong side.

That’s why we’ve tried to compile a list of some cool and helpful tips that will ease up the process of maintaining and grooming your beard. After you’re done going through it, you can check our beard care section for more details on trimming techniques, growing secrets and grooming guides.

Patience is Key

Line of thought we’re alway promoting through our articles, but it’s also something we can’t stress enough. The key to growing an epic beard is patience or better said persistence. You just need to be self resistant and stay away from your trimmer in the first couple of weeks.

Have a style in mind since day one, but keep strong and control the urge of trimming your beard every couple of days. Go for the first cut after couple of weeks, as till this point, you’ll have enough material to operate with.

Choose The Right Style For Your Face Shape

If you want to have a careless beard journey, pick the right style for your face shape at the beginning. This is probably equally important as being patient, as you’ll avoid any headaches related to the look of your beard.

When you know what you want it’s easier to choose the beard products you need and have an idea of how to trim when you feel necessary.

Learn When And Why You Need to Trim

The first two tips lead us to the conclusion you’ll need to control that trimming urge. If you plan to grow a yeard, that’s just fine. But you’ll still need to use oils and balms to keep that turf soft. For those of you planning to grow a well maintained beard that requires trimming, you can check our beard styles section where we provide detailed advice about each and every beard style known to mankind.

Dedicated Beard Washing Ritual

Your beard protects you from tons of stuff like bacteria and germs entering your body, but it’s also a great laying ground for dead skin beneath its surface and tons of debris on it, so you’ll need to wash it regularly and create a ritual around the whole process in order to enjoy this unpleasant habit.

Get Used To Using Beard Oil

Beard oil is used not to only tame your beard and help you comb it with less resistance, but it’s also a great way to feed your facial hair. You can go for some of the more renown beard oils on the evergrowing market or just use something like coconut or argan oil for starters and see where will this get you.

Train Your Beard Like A Hunting Hawk

Your beard has its own spirit, but you’ll need to tame it down before it gets out of control. The harsh reality is you’ll face different directions every time you comb down, but you need to be brave and stick with the pattern you want to achieve, at a certain point you’ll notice how those moustaches are no longer covering your upper lip and that neck patch that always got its way is finally growing downwards.

Your Mustache Is Your Strong Side

The only beard style where you don’t have a mustache on your disposal is the chinstrap, and we truly hope you won’t go for this style on its own. To maintain a respectable moustache, you’ll need to trim it with some sharp scissors, just to maintain that natural shape, and use a mild wax, so you can shape it up the way you want. Just remember, don’t trim it with no trimmers or electric razors as it may make a mess from your beard shape.

Feed The Beard

Testosterone levels are important as this is one of the main ingredients in facial hair growth, so you’ll need to stick with foods high in proteins, but that also have all the necessary vitamins and minerals like Vitamin B, omega oil and biotin.

Hope these tips were helpful and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us directly through our contact page or just post a comment below.

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