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Bald + Beard = Burly Beautiful

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Since the semi-recent rise of the bearded man, a regal hybrid of him quickly emerged as the new beautiful. What a balding man may lack in one area of his life, he can surely make up for it in another. Enter the bearded bald man—nature’s new burly beautiful. And, unlike the past, today’s bearded bald is becoming much more prevalent in the world around us. No longer is this close knit group associated with rough biker gangs or strange cult groups. They have become much more common among the fathers, brothers and co-workers among us.

Let your balded brothers do their thing.

Even if that’s growing a beard. And not licking your bald heads in an office elevator.  

As you look to become one of the men willing to combine a stylish manly beard with a shaved head, remember that in doing so, you are likely to increase your manliness by an exponential margin.

And that’s not everything.

Embrace the Bald

In this new “anything goes” mentality as it relates to men’s fashion, baldness lacks the stigma it once held. It has been replaced by an embrace for its inherent masculinity, much like today’s modern, urban beardsman.  

Unless you’re looking to sport the balding horseshoe (or the style equivalent to wearing your underwear on the outside of your pants), if you’re bald, you are more likely than ever to use a razor to shave your head. Less men are seeking means of hair loss prevention and they’re simply shaving.

The first step toward success is breaking balded and using that razor for something more than just shaping up your beard.

Once you go bald, you never go back.

Hairstyles for the Bald and Bearded

Because a large share of bald and/or balding men actually shave their heads, hairstyles for the balding are becoming ubiquitously “Bic’d”. That is, men are shaving and shaving it all. Hairstyles therefore become irrelevant and beard-styles become the most significant aspect of the bearded bald.

The real questions the bearded bald should ask are these:

  • What beard style best supports my bald-head shape?
  • What facial hair style best supports my facial shape?


These two questions will help even the most prolific balding beardsman to find their way to the best beard style that fits their unique circumstances.

For instance, if you’re looking for the chemistry teacher turned meth dealer, that style is most certainly the bald + goatee style made infamous by Breaking Bad’s Walter White.  

If you can pull off the even more hard-core masculinity of bald + mustache, then Ving Rhames is likely your role model.

While there are certainly no one right ways of sporting beard + bald, there certainly are wrong methods. For instance, combovers and Homer Simpson wispy hairs are, in the words of Monty Python, “right out!”

One word of advice for those that do shave their head: don’t shave your face. You’ll be putting your lot in with some of the more masculine men in the world today and it’s also likely your significant other will thank you for it. Bald is new beautiful. Bald and bearded is the new burly beautiful. So go ahead and embrace it fully.

[List of beard styles with main characteristics and graphics]

How to cope with going bald?

There are both psychological and physical issues men need to address when it comes to going bald. Each individual man will deal with male-pattern baldness differently. While some can pull-off the bald look, others may not be so flattered at how they appear once the bald horseshoe is in full bloom. For those comfortable and confident in their own skin (pun intended) they may opt to simply shave their entire head. For the rest of us, there are a number of preventative measures that can help the bald and balding.

As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. What follows are some pointers on preventing, slowing and dealing with the onset of male pattern baldness.

A number of natural remedies are helpful in both preventing and slowing the onslaught of baldness. Both internal nutrition via oral (e.g. vitamins) and topical application (e.g. shampoo) have shown to impact the rate of hair loss in positive ways.

Nutrition & Body Maintenance

While male pattern baldness is primarily linked to one’s genetics, there are natural dietary and lifestyle changes that can improve the likelihood of maintaining a full head of hair.

First, make sure you are getting ample vitamin D. Lower levels of vitamin D like those attributed to men with alopecia areata have been found to be as much as 3x more deficient in vitamin D. It may seem obvious that a diet rich in vitamins and minerals can help promote hair growth. However, the specific nature of vitamin D may contribute to improved hair maintenance.

Apart from just sitting in the sun all day, there are a number of other ways to increase your intake of vitamin D. Milk, orange juice and certain types of fish are also rich in vitamin D.

Second, make sure you lower your stress levels, get enough sleep and exercise regularly. All else being equal, the absence of proper exercise, high levels of stress and low levels of sleep can all contribute to higher levels of cortisol production which has been shown to significantly increase the potential for hair loss.


Thanks to modern medicine, there are also a number of FDA approved remedies for preventing hair loss. The most prevalent include Rogaine with Minoxidil, Propecia with Finasteride and hair-loss-preventing lasers. Minoxidil and lasers are topical solutions while Finasteride is taken orally.

All proclaim to induce oxygen and other nutrients, assisting in hair loss prevention and even further hair follicle stimulation and growth.

Each of these options may have potential side effects worth looking into, including the potential for erectile dysfunction in the case of Finasteride. As with any pharmaceutical used, it is best to consult with a knowledgeable physician.

Hair transplantation

When preventative measures fail to bring either the halted hair loss you seek or the hair growth you desire, there are methods that allow you to reverse the process. Chief among them, apart from sporting a toupee, is receiving a hair transplant.

Hair transplants are a surgical means of moving active, natural hairs from one part of the body (usually another area of the head) to another. The hairs from a “donor” site are moved to the balding “recipient” site using hairs that are much more resistant to balding. The procedure is minimally invasive and typically does not result in long-term negative effects. Unlike a complete skin graft which lifts large portions of hair and skin, hair transplants are performed with smaller grafts of epidermis and dermis surrounding hundreds (and perhaps thousands) of individual hair follicles.

Current hair transplant techniques move one to four hairs in what are called “follicular units” which allow the patient to keep natural hair groupings in the original orientation as the hair is moved from one area to another. This tends to allow the grafts to look as natural as possible in post-operative procedures.


Be bold and accept the bald. The worst thing you can do is growing your hair a lot from the sides and then swooping it over to cover your bald spots. We’ll all know you’re covering it up.

Have you ever seen a bald bum?

Neither have I, but I’ve seen tons of balded bearded men that pull out this modern look like never before. Beards are back, but accepting your baldness is also coming back in fashion.

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