Beardbrand: Is it The Brand for You?

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Beardbrand is one of the most well known and popular companies when it comes to beard products. Founded just 8 years ago in 2012 by Eric Bandholz the company has garnered a reputation of creating high quality and reliable products. You’ll find everything you need to keep your beard in perfect shape from oils to soaps and brushes at Beardbrand.

Reviews from customers and people who used the company’s products are overwhelmingly positive. Perhaps some of the things people didn’t particularly like are that the products can be a little expensive and that their scent doesn’t last too long. Not everyone feels the same way though and it’s definitely worth paying a little extra in exchange for a great product.

Best Seller: Tea Tree Beard Oil

Tea tree beard oil is Beardbrand’s best seller and certainly one of the best oils money can buy. It’s made of all natural ingredients which is the true key for success when it comes to cosmetics. It consists of jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, castor oil, and essential oils which include tea tree of course. The bulk of the oil’s scent comes from its tea tree component (which is definitely not a surprise).

If you’re looking for beard oil that’ll keep your facial hair moist and illuminated all year round rather than itchy and dull then you simply have to consider Beardbrand’s tea tree beard oil. It’s been tested in the sun, rain, and even snow and has held its own.

Beardbrand’s tea tree beard oil is the people’s favorite

It’s also great for the underlying skin and anything that improves the condition of the skin of the face will have an indirect effect on the beard too. Tea tree beard oil will move through your beard and penetrate the skin helping ease any irritation or slight inflammation in it. This will help the skin’s oil secretions and improve the circulation of blood, both of which are excellent for healthy hair.

The perks of this beard are two-fold. It’s a styling product that will show people and demonstrate that you care about your beard and that it looks amazing while having a positive impact on its true quality. All of its effects on the skin will also decrease beardruff so if that’s something that you’ve suffered from this could be your answer.

It comes in a dark brown glass bottle that’s rectangular in shape. The bottle contains 30ml which should last you about 3 months so you’ll only need to restock 4 times a year. To use the oil simply take off the lid and put 2-3 drops in the palm of your hands and gradually work it into your beard and skin.

You’ll notice the oils impact instantly and consistently. By applying 2-3 drops you’re going to get an effect that’ll last you the entire day. The scent you’ll experience is mainly that of tea tree and peppermint. Just a minute or two of applying the product in the morning and you’ll enjoy a smooth itch-free beard and refreshing scents all day long.

A bottle of Beardbrand’s tea tree beard oil costs 25$. If you order on their website you can choose between a onetime purchase or auto-restock which will get you a small gift with each shipment. 25$ isn’t much considering it’s a price you’ll only have to pay about 4 times a year in exchange for having a terrific beard all year round.

Product line

Grooming Kits

At some point while growing a beard it can be cumbersome to keep purchasing separate products and having individual ones get lost in your drawers. This is where Beardbrand’s beard grooming kit comes in. It provides you with all of the essential products you need to maintain perfect facial her and a classy wooden box to store them.

All the kits contain the same products which are:

• Large comb
• Pocket comb
• Mustache comb
• Boar’s hair brush
• Trimming scissors
• Mustache wax
• Beard oil

A grooming kit has all you need to groom your beard

The difference between kits is the scent. You could opt for spiced citrus, tea tree, tree ranger, four vices, temple smoke, or old money. Obviously the scent difference will only reflect on the mustache wax and beard oil. The combs, brush, and scissors are the same in all kits.

The items come in a wooden box designed and made specifically for Beardbrand. It’s classy and looks pretty original. There’s also a grid insert so you can divide it into compartments and the lid is kept shut by tiny magnets.

You can’t expect this to be cheap and it isn’t as these kits cost 200-215$ each. One can assume that the box is the reason behind the price.

Old Money Utility Balm

Old Money is a high end balm made of all natural ingredients like mango butter, lanolin, jojoba oil, shea butter, and cocoa butter. The shea and cocoa butters are particularly nutritive as they contain antioxidants and vitamins that boost the skin and improve its condition.

Not the company’s best seller but definitely up to its high standards

If you’re a fan of the sense of peace and confidence that come with sitting in a leather chair with a scotch and a cigar then this is the balm for you and the Old Money scent will provide you with those exact emotions. You don’t want to use this product too much though or the scent will be overwhelming.

Beardbrand’s Old Money balm is priced at 37$ which is a lot but it gives you vibes you won’t find anywhere else.

Pocket Beard Comb

Combing your beard will never be as fun

Made from cellulose based acetate called Grey Marble, this beard and mustache comb by Beardbrand is definitely worth a try. Sure you can buy a cheap comb for next to nothing but a high end comb such as this one will nurture your beard and skin without causing any damage to the hair and underlying skin.

The comb is manufactured in Switzerland. After being cut from acetate sheet the teeth are then beveled and cut then rounded with pumice. The end product is a comb that is comfortable and easy to hold with teeth that are smoothly tapered so they can comb your hair effortlessly. Oh and if you’re wondering why it’s so shiny it’s because it was hit with acid vapor.

It’s perfect for medium to long beards and mustaches and costs about 18$. If you’d like more than one comb then you can consider buying Beardbrand’s beard grooming kit which contains 3 combs in addition to a few others products.

Located in Washington, Beardbrand have certainly made a name for themselves in just 6 years. You’ll find everything you might need to maintain your beard on their website. On the off chance you want to return a defective product or an unopened one you can do so for 30 days.

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