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Best Beard Combs

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Combs are an integral part of each man’s beard grooming kit whether you like it or not. I’ve been resilient at first and avoided using a comb or a brush for my beard, but it’s something that you must do regularly if you want to have healthy looking beard.

The difference between a well groomed beard and a wildling is just eminent.

That’s why besides providing you a list of the best beard combs you can choose from, we’ve also created a detailed guide on why you need a beard comb and how to pick a high quality product.

We’ve listened to the community closely plus we added tons of data based on personal experience, so I believe this article will be helpful for all you dedicated beardsmen out there.

Top 3 Beard Combs

Can’t I Just Get My Comb From The One Dollar Store?

When you find a one dollar comb that will not create static while you run it down through your beard and is able to fix all those cowlicks like a pro, let me know. I want in on that.

Why are quality combs so important? John Diehl from The Beard Baron describes it the best:

Handcut/Handmade Will Always Beat The Stamp Press Comb

Besides the fact that stamp pressed plastic combs break easily they’re also not smooth enough to take care of the texture of your beard. What this means is that you’ll create even more split ends and you’ll pull your hair without even noticing.

What handcut or even better handmade means is that the production cycle of your comb was at least one step longer compared to an industrial solution produced through a machine. There was literally a human being doing this by hand or using some tool to make your comb smoother and provide you with the ultimate tool for your beard grooming experience.  

Teeth Width Is Important and Depends From The Length Of Your Beard

The thicker the beard the wider your comb’s teeth need to be as you have lot more facial hair to handle compared to the average bearded man. It’s not bad to have one part of your comb with the teeth set closer together, so you can handle your moustache. Always pick your comb in accordance with the shape and form of your beard. There’s no exception for this one.

Great Beard Comb Materials

Avoid plastic at all cost! It will only harm your beard. I’m not saying you are forbidden to use cheap plastic combs, it’s just better to invest couple of bucks more in a quality solution made from some of these materials:

Wood – If you find a hand-cut wooden comb in the price range you’re comfortable with, just take it! Just make sure the edges are soft and the teeth are wide enough and clustered in a manner that will allow you to run them smoothly through your beard. The thicker the beard, the wider the teeth of the beard comb should be positioned.

Metal – Metal combs, yes there are such available on the market, will create static for sure, but they can also pull your facial hair because it’s extremely hard to create smooth edges when you craft metal. There are some rare cases where metal combs can be useful if you want to shape up your waxed moustache for example, but they’re pretty bad for your beard even then…

Cellulose acetate – Great number of high quality combs, even the ones found on our list are made out of this material because it’s easy to maintain it clean and it doesn’t produce static. Think of this as the quality substitute for beard combs.

How To Comb Your Beard The Right Way

It will be weird for you to comb your beard the first time you do it, I feel your pain bud. It has been strange for me as well. You just don’t know what to do and what’s good or bad. To help you out, we’ve selected this video by Eric Bandholz from Beardbrand and we really hope it will show you the way. If you have any questions, just fill up the comment section or send us a mail.

Step By Step Checklist

  1. Pick The Right Comb In Terms of Teeth Width and Cluster

  2. Moisturize Your Beard (Air drying after your shower should do the trick)

  3. Start from the neck upwards and finish up to the cheeks

  4. Work gently on your snags

  5. Comb down starting from your cheeks and finishing at neck level

  6. TIP: Use lighter grip on the comb handle

  7. TIP: Apply beard oil before you start

Beard Combing Benefits

The real reason why you’re all here. The biggest benefits of using a comb for your beard:

  • Makes your facial hair straighter

  • Say goodbye to ingrown hair

  • Manipulate the direction of your beard and stache

  • Helps you get rid of debris and dead skin

  • Spreads beard oil evenly across your beard

Difference Between Comb and Brush

Beard brushes are great for short and medium beards while combs become more important as your beard grows out. Simple as that. Let’s see what Carlos Costa from Beardbrand has to say about the topic:

When in doubt beard it out! If you don't know how, make sure to follow my blog, cuz I'm just another bearded man in this World.

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