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Best Beard Oils Of 2017

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It’s hard to decide what’s the best beard oil on the market, not only because there are so many of them available, but also because of the unique preferences each man has when it comes to choosing products for his personal grooming kit.  Some of us prefer the classic taste of Coke, others like Dr. Pepper because of it’s distinct flavor and others will satisfy with a glass of that unique clean Schweppes aroma. Even 50 cent sodas manage to find their niche. It’s all about tastes!

You see, we can’t even choose the best soda out there thanks to the great variety of products the average human being is exposed to throughout his lifespan. It’s safe to say men become even pickier when it comes down to choosing a product that will become a part of their personalized grooming kit for years to come.

After doing some extended research in communities focused on male topics revolving around style, grooming and life in general, we came to the conclusion how there are three types of men when we talk about research and choice of beard related products:

  • What’s the most popular brand? (You can’t go wrong with the best brand on the market and you’ll probably stick with them after your first try. What’s the point of researching when you can just go with the top choice in the industry, right?)
  • I don’t want anything fancy as long as it gets the job done! (You know how small beard brands can produce high-end products and not overcharge you, so you’re willing to test multiple choices before you make your final decision.)
  • Where’s my problem solver? (You have a specific problem with your beard and you want it fixed, so you’re looking for that anti-inflammatory, anti beardruff or even a growth enhancement option and you’re reading every piece of content you can find on this topic.)

After we got to know you, learned a ton about your needs and understood what you look for when picking out the best beard oil it was only logical to analyze more than 80 beard oils created by 40+ beard brands and create this ultimate list of the Top Beard Oils In 2017, and we assure you, we’ll update it regularly with each new beard oil release.

Our unbiased opinion is here to help you choose the best beard oil

Building a strong relationship based on trust; with you, our audience, is key for us. You’re here to get educated on the topic of male grooming and it would be irresponsible to push some fancy hyped offers down your throat. We’re a group of beard enthusiasts that try to find new and interesting ways to groom our beards the best way possible and are excited to share our research with the community.

That’s why besides creating tons of content regarding the best beard products you can find from combs and brushes to beard oils and balms to trimmers and scissors, we’re also trying to teach you how to take care of your beard on daily basis and even make your own homemade beard products.

We know this and we’re here to help you out, so don’t be afraid to contact us at any time with any questions you have, and feel free to check out our own beard journey and what we’ve learned during the process.  Personal experience should be enough, but we also understand how there are literally hundreds of different tastes we need to address, which makes quantitative and qualitative research a natural part of our content creation process behind every review, guide, how to, video, product list and everything else we make.

To put this theory into practice, we’ll start out this Best Beard Oils list with an intro in the topic of why you even need beard oils in the first place and how to use them properly.

For more information on how to take care of your beard you can check out our Beard Care Tips section, or go straight to some of or most helpful guides:

If you’re still undecided of what you want to achieve with your beard, you can go through our detailed face shapes and beard styles guide as well as our directory of beard styles ranging from the stubble to the chinstrap to the full beard. If this isn’t enough you can always get inspired by some of the most virile celebrity beards.


If you can’t relate with the persons on your list, we’re eager to hear more about your specific criteria set when choosing a beard product. Just leave a comment or send us a mail, we’re always willing to chat with beard heads.

This greatly affected the way we did our research on beard oils and “forced” us to create separate groups of oils classified under different criteria.

[mk_contact_form style=”modern” button_text=”Tell Us Your Problem”][mk_message_box]It’s not enough to know you need something, it’s also important to understand why you need it and what’s the most valuable way you can get that beard oil or beard comb.[/mk_message_box][mk_message_box]We practice what we preach and we learn from the community as much as possible, so we can showcase that information here at Virile Beard.[/mk_message_box]

Beard Oil Definition - The reason why and when you must start using

Beard oils are nothing new. They’re just natural oils that provide different benefits for your skin and hair. Whether it’s facial hair, body hair or scalp hair; you can use these oils to improve the overall health status of your hair. The reason why beard oils became so popular in recent years is simply because the number of men growing out their beards increased, which led to the creation of a very specific male centric niche, which at the same time is interesting to women as well.  Go figure that out… But, it’s real. You’re researching everything about beards because you want to know how to grow one the best way you can and achieve that particular style you’re after.  Women on the other hand search for beards online because they find them attractive or because they just want to give their better half an idea on how to groom his beard (yep, I know you love this moment guys) or give them a thoughtful present in the form of an oil, wax or balm.

At the end of the day, everyone is interested to learn more about BEARDS.

That’s why topics related to the health of your beard became a part of the content calendar for great number of mainstream media outlets like BuzzFeed and Huffington Post. The problem with these articles is they base their information on low level of research and most often the writers either have no first-hand experience or they pay for the experience of so-called industry experts.

The same goes for products. Tons of small businesses flourished over the past couple of years because they entered the market early, but you must ask yourself whether they’ve managed to keep their quality level intact with the increase in demand.

It’s not a magic potion that will help you grow 10 inches of beard in a month. It’s just something you actually need when you have a beard. Which leads us to the second biggest benefit beard oils provide:

Your facial hair is dry? Weak? Dull? You need a beard oil. Thanks to the unique composition of most beard oils, and having in mind they’re a mix of carrier and essential oils, they can improve the blood circulation of your hair follicle, moisturize your skin and what not, which directly affects how your beard grows and how it actually looks from the outside.

That’s why it’s important to understand how you can make your own beard oil that will provide you with the same benefits as that expensive $50 beard growing potion. The same goes for any beard product, but there’s also a reasonable economy behind purchasing your own beard products. You just need to know how to pick the most quality ones and stay away from the hype.

Now, let’s touch on the exact reason why you need to start using a beard oil and the environment your body creates when you start growing out your beard.

Your body tells you it’s time to start using a beard oil

One of the biggest problems beard oils solve is the beard itch. You remember that nasty itch in the first couple of weeks into your beard growing journey? Well, the fact is this feeling may continue if you don’t apply beard oil regularly because the symptom on its own is caused by the level of oil your skin produces naturally. Dry skin doesn’t bring only itchiness. You’ll also experience dead skin accumulation and beardruff, which can be extremely depressing after couple of months of growing.

Why does your body fail to produce enough oil so your beard can exist on its own without supplementation?

Your facial hair is pretty specific when it comes to structure as it has similarities with the hair of your scalp and the hair on your chest. It grows as fast as your scalp hair, but it has a different texture closer to your body hair. The one thing that each hair on your body has in common is that it needs to feed itself with oil and your body is the main nutrients source.

When is the exact point of time your body starts urging for beard oil?

It doesn’t really matter. Some brands push the idea how you must use beard oil from the very beginning after only couple of days of beard growing, but it’s all up to you, as long as you start using beard oil at a certain point.

[mk_message_box]You need to apply oils on your beard, so you can keep your skin and facial hair moisturized. Beard oils will make your beard smell heavenly, but they also have their own unique health benefits depending on the blend.[/mk_message_box][mk_message_box]Beard oils brands promote “beard growing” and various other benefits, but you need to understand each oil blend brings its unique set of health benefits depending on the structure of its components.[/mk_message_box][mk_message_box]Before you continue, it’s beneficial to go through our Beginner’s Beard Oil Guide, so you learn more about the nature of beard oils and clear up terms like sebum oil, beardruff and dead skin accumulation.[/mk_message_box][mk_message_box]The harsh reality is your body still produces the same amount of sebum oil through its sebaceous gland that is found next to each hair on your body and this amount doesn’t increase as your beard grows.[/mk_message_box][mk_message_box]The longer the hair gets, the harder it will be for you to feed its entire surface. Knowing this we can describe beard oils as the best natural enhancer of your sebaceous gland.[/mk_message_box][mk_message_box]The growth rate of your beard is pretty much dependent on the testosterone levels your body produces, so it’s probably correct to state how the right moment to start using a beard oil is when you feel the first itch.[/mk_message_box][mk_image src=”” image_size=”medium” link=”” target=”_blank” align=”center”]

Comparison of The Best Beard Oils Reviewed


Mountaineer Brand WV Timber Honest Amish Beard Oil Wisdom Beard Oil Wild Willie’s Beard Elixir Beardbrand Tea Tree Oil Leven Rose Beard Oil The Blades Grim Cinder Beard Oil
Packing beard oil moutaineer-wv-timber beard oil honest amish
Dominate Scents Ceadar / Pine Clove Earthy Tones Cedar / Woodsy Earthy Tones Unscented Fireplace Scent
Primary Carrier Oils Grapseed, Sweet
Almond, Castor
Mixture of Several Oils
(many organic)
Olive, Grapeseed,
Apricot, Argan,
Vitamin E+
Organic Oils
Jojoba Base Jojoba &
Argan Only
Mixture of
Several Oils
Cures Beard Itch?
Softens Beard?
Price $ $ $$$ $ $$$$ $$ $
Size 2 oz 2 oz 1 oz 2 oz 1 oz 1 oz 1 oz
Vegan Contains Emu Oil
Peer Review Average  4.2  4.5 4.5  4.5  4.3  4.6  4.5
Best Overall Beard Oil


In addition to the detailed reviews that are a part of this Beard Buyer’s Guide, with the goal of providing as much information as we humanly could, we’ve also built upon our Beard Oil Beginner Guide and outlined some of the main reasons why you need start using a beard oil in the first place and whether it’s better to buy or make your own blend.


Don’t steer away from beard oils, but be extremely picky when you choose your blend. Some oils like Jojoba, apricot kernel, tea tree and sandalwood oil act as cleansers, antiseptics and balance regulators of your natural sebum production, so you can be sure you won’t pick up any acne or create clogged pores beneath your beard.  We’ll try to explore the topic of types of oils and the benefits they offer in greater depth later on when we talk about the basic ingredients of the beard oil and what you need to look for to fulfill your needs.

If you’re not interested in learning more about the usefulness of beard oils, you can go directly to the best beard oils section where we divide them based on the benefit they have for your beard.

Must Have Beard Oil Ingredients

Each quality beard oil should consist only two main ingredients:

  • Carrier oils – 95% – 98% of any beard oil – Your beard can essentially (you see what I did there?) “survive” only only on a base oil and still look great. Carrier oils like jojoba, sweet almond and tea tree are all great for moisturization and overall beard health. 
  • Essential oils – 2% – 5% of some beard oils – Additional benefits like cleansing, antibacterial, antiseptic influence and of course scents is what makes essentials an integral part of every beard oil. Popular choices include thyme, lemongrass, pine, cedarwood and the list goes on.

This is approximately 2 drops of essential oil in a 1-ounce bottle, so you have a better perspective.

Great number of beard oil companies and manufacturers add some new elements to the mix, so they can achieve a richer scent or improve the performance of the oil in some way, but you should always check the label and see whether carrier oils consist at least 80% of the product. Avoid products that include perfumes, artificial scents and other ingredients like vaseline and petroleum in their blend.

If you want to know more about what you need to check before making a purchase, skip a couple of sections to the part where we talk about this in more detail.

Carrier Oil Benefits And Role In Your Beard Growing Journey

Whatever the brand each beard oil must have at least 80% of its weight in quality, natural carrier oils. In some cases, base oils are the only thing that’s a part of the end product. This is what makes your beard shine. The quickest way to a healthier beard? Just apply some sweet almond oil and you’re good to go. Heck, even olive oil will do the trick.

If you don’t believe us, put your trust in the beauty industry where you can find this type of oil in variety of beauty products targeted towards both male and female users in the form of skin and hair lotions, shampoos, shaving creams, pomades … It’s a big list.

Carrier or base oils are so good because they have the same effect as the natural sebum oil your body produces every moment of the day. Here are only some of the benefits carrier oils carry with themselves (I did it again, the pun king):

  • Facial hair dandruff (beardruff) removal
  • Successfully battling itchy beards
  • Improving beard growth and appearance
  • Maintaining natural color
  • Increased smoothness
  • Split ends become thing of the past
  • Dead skin ceases to exist under your beard

The best part is there’s literally dozens of carrier oils you can pick from, but you need to be extra careful as some of them can cause mild allergic reactions.

We mention this jojoba stuff a lot throughout our posts, but we really believe this is one of the mildest and most beard friendly oils you can use. Beginners should give it a chance by any means because this is one of not so many carrier oils that behave just like the natural sebum oil your body already produces.

This not only makes your beard look natural and healthy at the same time, but it also eliminates any allergic reaction risk, which is always present with most of the natural oils. Other oil we need to mention here is argan oil and maybe sweet almond oil, which are considered to be mild carrier oils as well. You can also check our list of carrier oils you can use for your beard grooming endeavors for some of the more popular choices. Before we continue any further:

Essential oils have additional benefits besides rich scent

If you already know there are dozens of carrier oils available, you will be surprised to hear there are literally hundreds of essentials you have at your disposal.  And are they all used for scents and aroma? Lots of people perceive this type of oil as an aroma enrichener and scent creator, but not everybody talks about the health benefits they can provide for your beard and the skin beneath.

Choosing the right beard oil can be compared to cologne selection when we take into consideration the grooming habits of the modern man. From lemon to peppermint to even cedarwood, each one of us beardsmen has a different style and that’s why we make different choices.

That’s why people that make their own oil and beard brands tend to use additional scent enrichers to achieve a stronger feel of their blend.  But scents aren’t the only thing that makes essentials such a popular beard oil ingredient. There’s a little something called health benefits and we would like to explain how essential oils can improve the overall health of your facial hair and skin.

[mk_message_box]Tip: Test beard oils for potential allergic reactions by applying a small amount behind your earlobe. This can be hard as there are so many oils you’ll need to go through and they each have couple of different names. It reminds me when I ordered a fruit lemonade in a coffee shop couple of days ago. There was this flavor called “Passion Fruit” and it was actually flavored mango based syrup sweetener. People will always try to make their products more appealing.

[/mk_message_box][mk_message_box]It will certainly be more economically justifiable to make your own beard oil by making a blend of base and essential oils or just go with a single carrier oil, but by doing this you just shy away from all the scented beard oils carefully created by some community caring manufacturers.[/mk_message_box][mk_message_box]The difference between essentials and cologne is that they have much milder scent and you won’t risk overpowering the environment around you with a strong, sometimes even repulsing smell. They’re also 100% natural and you won’t (shouldn’t) see any alcohol on that beard oil bottle label.[/mk_message_box][mk_image src=”” image_size=”medium” link=”” target=”_blank” align=”center”][mk_image src=”” image_size=”medium” link=”” target=”_blank” align=”center”]

How to determine the quality of a beard oil just from its label

It’s quite natural to see a horizontal (various types of beard oils) and a vertical (various types of beard products in general) increase in grooming product diversification as the beard trend grows into a solid male orientated market. With growth comes great responsibility in terms of maintaining the same level of quality while managing to satisfy the needs of the ever growing market, but are beard brands capable of achieving this? You’ll need to learn to decide for yourself.

How? Just check the label dude.

There are tons of so-called “premium”, “unique”, “classic”, “groundbreaking” oils available, but you need to know how to stay away from the hype and trust your common sense. We hope it was helpful to learn what consists a quality beard oil with everything we wrote till now in this article, so it’s to up to your game to reach the next level and make YOU the beard expert.

Here are a couple of guidelines, tips and best practices that will put you in a position to choose the best beard oil for your needs like a pro:

  • Ingredients MUST be listed on the label – You would be surprised by the number of beard care product vendors that just “forget” to list all the ingredients on the back of the bottle. For something you’ll be using directly on your face, it’s fair to at least know what are the core ingredients of this product. Stay away from mistery solutions, especially if they offer a “life changing” or “never before seen” benefit.
  • Beard oils are natural and they need to stay this way – Quality carrier and essential oils are not cheap, so it’s quite common for manufacturers to add synthetic ingredients like silicone or even petroleum, so they can achieve larger quantities during production. Beard oils are consisted out of natural ingredients and there’s no reason why someone would add artificial ingredients.
  • Minerals and vitamins are great – Some of the good things beard brands do these days is enriching their oil with natural ingredients like vitamins and minerals, so they can provide even greater benefits to the customer. One of the most popular elements today is Vitamin E that carriers some pretty cool benefits for your facial hair like battling against premature greying and improving your hair growth rate. This is something you need to take with both hands as Vitamin E is not naturally found in carrier or essential oils, so it’s always great to have a little bit extra protection of your hair and skin.

We believe in your ability to determine between what’s genuine and what’s pure hype, so this should be enough when you analyze the best beard oil for your needs.

The next step? You’ll need to learn how to use that oily wonder you just got.

Beard Oil Before And After Examples

Remember that we pray what we preach part at the beginning of this guide? Well, it’s time to be a man and stand by my word. That’s why I’ve decided to present you the importance of using a beard oil by showing you a couple of examples of my beard before and after I’ve used a homemade beard oil consisted out of sweet almond (carrier oil) and thyme (essential oil).

How to apply beard oil

Just like anything connected with male grooming, the process of applying beard oils is pretty straight forward as well. There are two things you need to take into consideration before you use a beard oil:

  • Oil up that face beneath your beard – Both the skin beneath your beard and your facial hair need to be oiled up if you want to enjoy all the benefits a beard oil provides.
  • Spread the oil throughout the entire length of your hair – People use their hands for this, but it’s always great to add a comb or some quality brush to your routine.

It’s great to develop a morning or evening routine or both where you wash your beard and apply beard oil at the same time. If you’re showering and planning to apply beard oil afterward, make sure your beard dries off to the level it’s still moisturized with water, but it’s not wet. You can also apply beard oil even if you’re not planning to shower at the time. Just make sure you go through your beard with a little bit of water before you start. The goal here is not to drain your beard in water.

You just need to make your beard a little damp, so it’s easier to apply your beard oil.

The amount of beard you use depends on the amount of beard you have on your face. A good rule of thumb is to use a couple of drops and apply them after you rub your palms together, so it’s more evenly spread. Big dominant beards will need more than this, so just make sure every part of your beard shines the same and you feel like your entire beard is oily. Most manufacturers produce bottles with droppers, but if you’re making your own beard oil you can also ty to:

Use a perfume-like bottle with a pump and a sprayer. You’ll keep everything neat and clean by spraying your oil on your beard directly instead of rubbing it on your palms. Just be aware as some oils may be so thick they can clog the pump.

Now, we’ve build up to the real question …

Are Homemade Beard Oils Worth The Trouble?

The number of available beard oils will rise as the market evolves. We’ve found more than 100 beard oils currently available on the market. From the economy pack to the high-end product they all have a profit margin anywhere between 70% and 200%, which means beard brands can sometimes even triple their investment. Of course, this is when we talk about production costs only, without taking into consideration all the logistics behind this type of business endeavour. What’s cheaper? To build your own coffee table or buy one from Amazon?

The same applies to beard oils. It will certainly be more cost effective to make your own beard oil, but we strongly suggest you first purchase a beard oil just to learn more about its structure and how it feels when you apply it to your beard and skin.  If you find a beard oil you like, just stick with it, after all, it’s not like you go bankrupt by purchasing a couple of oils per year.

[mk_image src=”” image_size=”full”]

Beard oils and seasons, focusing on winter and summer

One of the biggest misconceptions the modern man faces is that he needs to use beard oils only when facing a harsh environment like lots of winds, sun or snow. This is accurate till some extent, but you should know how you use beard oils to both protect your beard and keep it healthy at the same time. The best advice we can give:

  • Winter and cold environment: Use more beard oil and apply it frequently, so you keep your beard moisturized at all times.
  • Summer and hot environment: Apply your beard oil in the evening just before you go to bed, so you avoid any negative effects from combining hot weather and oils.

10 Best Beard Oils Reviewed (Last Update February 2018)

The main goal of this article is to educate you on the topic of beard oils. I believe how the team and I at virile beard did a decent job on researching why you need to start using beard oil and helped you better understand how to choose the right product for your needs. It’s true. You can make your own beard oil in the commodity of your kitchen but we strongly advise beginners to first try a branded beard oil before they make the decision of going the do-it-yourself route or sticking with their new favorite brand. That’s why we found the necessity of conducting a detailed research focused on all the available beard oils on the market are highest priority and obligation. To start this research we created a list filled with hundreds of beard oils coming in different shapes and sizes. The goal was to find the most quality products that are highly reviewed by the community and will also not empty your pocket with every purchase you make. We took this graph filled with useful data created by the good people at tools of men as our starting ground.

The process behind the evaluation of the best beard oils

What can we learn from this cool graph? First of all, let us see what were some of the key factors that took into consideration when sorting the data in their research.

  • Price – You would be surprised by how many big beard Brands take advantage of their name end set astronomical prices to their products with no specific reasoning at all.
  • Rating – You always need to take into consideration the rating a certain product gets from the community and beard products are no exception.
  • Reviews – the problem with ratings is they can be artificially adjusted by smart digital marketeers working for these companies so  the only way to find the ultimate truth about a certain product is to manually go through reviews from real life users.

Quick note all the data used for This research is from Amazon users. People have their favorite beard brand and it’s quite logical to assume they will post more favorable reviews on official beard sites. Partly because of the Loyalty towards the brand and partly because they’re getting a more personal treatment over there. Amazon is not perfect so products with less than 30 reviews that had a perfect score were not taken into consideration. You should also know how this is not the perfect system to research something, but it surprisingly proved to be quite precise.

Why is that?

Well, it’s probably because beard influencers standing behind big beard Brands try to indirectly solicit their followers with various promotions, freebies and product offers. When creating an unbiased opinion you need to take only quality, value, and quality of service into consideration. That’s why we believe these are truly the top ten beard oils on the market right now. We didn’t take scent as an integral part of the equation because each and every one of you has a unique taste.

We’ve also ranked all the beard oils we could find in different groups and categories that are dependent on the benefits they provide, their price and of course that magical scent we all want on our beards.

Without further adieu here are the top 10 Beard Oils, with detailed reviews.

Mountaineer brand WV Timber

Eric Young the main beard behind the Mountaineer Brand has been around since 2013. That’s why it’s so refreshing to see a small brand become an integral part of the market by also being an active member of its community. This is not a company that’s here to take advantage of the latest beard trend and make a quick buck. You can be assured this long time beardsman will create the best product for your beard based on his personal experience.

That’s why he’s on the list of top ten beard oils you can get right now.

The best part about this classy oil? Its price. For only $12.50 you get to oz of high-quality beard oil, which is pretty much the budget you need to make an oil on your own. Although the design is pretty basic it comes with a pretty neat feature. The restrictor valve that also acts as the bottle cap will measure the exact amount of beard oil you need to apply with every single take. This makes application easy comma but it’s also helpful for new users to know how much oil they’ll actually need.

The dark blue coloring off the bottle is not only because of design features. It will also prevent any possible harmful UV rays penetrating into the inside all the bottle and destroying all the benefits that carrier and essential oils bring with themselves.


When we see an affordable product we automatically assume how the manufacturer tried to save on every aspect of the products. Talking beard oils, this would mean that instead of using quality natural oils the producers will go with a silicon-based filler. This simply isn’t the case here, as each ingredient found within the Mountaineer brand WV Timber is either a quality carrier or essential oil.

  • Grapeseed Oil
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Castor Seed Oil
  • Cedarwood Oil
  • Fir Needle Oil
  • Eucalyptus Leaf Oil

Trademark scent

Like a great majority of beard oils available on the market, this one will also give you that classy woodsy scent thanks to the inclusion of Pine and cedar wood as the two core ingredients. The aroma be last for a couple of hours before it gradually disperses.


Certainly one of the best value for your money solutions that also comes with a nice blend of cedar and pine as the two main aromas. High quality great value.

Product Info

  1. CAPACITY: 2oz.
  2. PRICE PER OUNCE: $5.94
  3. SCENT: Cedar / Pine

Honest Amish beard oil

Image result for honest amish beard oilHonest Amish is a brand name that you probably already know about and this is mostly due to their high quality beard balm. This is the best-selling beard product of its type on Amazon and there’s good reason for this. It’s a fine quality beard balm that can go toe-to-toe with some of the best brands in the business.

We already know about the high-quality beard balm produced by Honest Amish, but what about their beard oil?

Is it better than the ones offered by CanYouHandlebar or Beardbrand? Two of the biggest beard care manufacturers.


We can actually say how this little piece of nature parks in little bottle is the thing you need. Not only because it’s all natural, but because it also contains organic oils like:

  • Avocado Oil
  • Virgin Pumpkin Seed Oil
  • Moringa Oil
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Apricot Kernel Oil
  • Golden Jojoba Oil
  • Virgin Argan Oil
  • Kukui Oil

You heard that right. The variety of carrier and essential oils used with this little fellow are not only natural, but they’re also organic.

Having this in mind it’s quite safe to assume how the honest Amish brand will take good care of both your face and your beard. Keeping them moisturised at all times and with any weather conditions.

Now let’s focus on couple of carrier oils that are an integral part of this quite unique and quality beard oil.

First and foremost we would like to address the golden jojoba oil.

This is not some newly discovered oil that will magically affect your beard and we can assure you that most beard Brands today use it in their blend. We always tell two are beginner aliens that Obama is the way to go when you choose your first beard oil. There’s good reason for this as is one of the mildest carrier oils and it will most likely cause no allergic reactions. It’s always smart to do a simple test by dripping couple of drops behind your ear or on the inside of your elbow.

People with acne or poor issues may find it difficult to choose a suitable beard oil for their needs as most manufacturers will add artificial elements and some pretty strong essential oils to enhance the aroma.

That’s why it’s so important to know how jojoba oil is great carrier oil for beginners. Something that the Honest Amish probably knew when the team over there created this beard oil.

Virgin argan oil is the second carrier oil we would like to discuss further.

It is a component found in great number of beauty products, yes even the Cosmetics industry is using it as a revelationary ingredient that will cure your dry skin and hair.

The problem with argan is it’s nuts. It’s not crazy. Argan is simply just a nut. Therefore, although it’s a mild carrier oil, you’ll find it difficult using beard oils consisted out of argan if you are allergic to nuts.

Using a beard oil that has Argan is also out of the question if you’re close two people and kids that have severe nut allergies. Anyone that comes close to your beard after you applied on Argan based beard oil will most likely have allergic reaction.

Although Argan can be deal breaker in this case we would also like to mention one rare carrier oil that can’t be found in most products on market.

Kukui oil originates from Hawaii and it is consisted out of useful fatty and amino acids.

When applied correctly the Kukui oil can not only keep your beard moisturized, but it will also achieve that flashy look you always wanted. And this is not all. This type of carrier oil will also help your body create a natural barrier between your skin and the outside world. That’s why it is considered as one of the best natural remedies when battling acne, lesions, aging skin, dry skin scars, etc. Pretty paradoxical aint it?

On one side you have Argan which can cause allergic reactions and on the other side you have Kukui oil that’s great for skin care. I guess the people at honest Amish thought about everything when combining the ingredients for this darn good beard oil. This is only carrier oils.

What about Essentials?

Yes we haven’t even touched on the subject of which Essentials are part of the honest Amish beard oil so here’s the list:

  • Cedarwood
  • Clove
  • Anise
  • Grapefruit
  • Lavender
  • Cinnamon
  • Peppermint

The good Folks at honest Amish claim how the mix of essential oils used with their beard oil is the same one they use with their beard balm and I must admit, based on personal experience, the team at Virile Beard believes them.

And it’s not just Essentials. Some of the carrier oils are mild, but there also some of them that have a pretty distinct aroma when we consider how rare is this among base oils.

Unique Scent

It’s hard describing this unique taste but hey we’ll try. It’s little bit of two heavenly aromas.

  • Root beer
  • Liquorice

Yes it’s quite surprising to see a beard brand combining two such unique flavors. Although most men like the fresh clean and mailing Aroma that the honest Amish has managed to create there are some that will find this beard oil just too strong for their taste.

This is not because the beard oil is strong in Scent on its own it’s just because the two flavors of root beer or better said close and liquorice are just not designed to fit the needs of everybody. Like everything else in the world.

The good news here is that the aroma of the honest Amish beard oil will not stick so long on your beard and you can rest assured how it will not battle with any other fragrances, perfumes or cologne you use throughout the day.

Thanks to the diversity in bolt carrier and essential oils the honest Amish beard oil will solve any possible beard dandruff and dry skin problems you may experience right now. If you’re here to smell manly and at the same time get rid of that nasty each we need your beard than the honest Amish is the right solution for you.

It’s not enough that this beard oil will help you nurture a better-looking beard but it is also one of those oils that simply have unique smell that only enhances their natural texture.

And what about well you?

With everything we said about the honest and all you would think it’s one of the most expensive choices on Amazon. I would happily inform you that this just isn’t true. We’ve recently came across the Leven Rose fragrance-free beard oil which states how it will keep your beard healthy while not having any Aroma at all.

This beard oil contains jojoba and Argan oils as well, but it doesn’t have any essential oils listed on the ingredients label on the back of the bottle. When you compare it to the honest Amish it literally looks like a fragrance free version of the product.

And the price?

The Leven Rose beard oil will cost you at least $14 per ounce while the honest Amish beard oil can be bought for only $14 for 2 oz which makes one ounce worth around $7. Plus you get dozens of other oils that are simply not a part of the Levin Rose. Now that’s some valuable beard oil! Everything we said about the honest Amish beard oil leads us to the conclusion how this is one classy beard product.

That’s why it’s no surprise how the design team and the company also managed to create a rustic-looking package than you receive when ordering. We’re talking at about a burlap sack that looks so cool and makes this product a great candidate for a present you can give to some of your bearded. Similar to the Mountaineer brand WV Timber oil the bottle design uses heavy amber coloring, so you can rest assured how your beard oil will stay safe from all those nasty UV rays.

This is important when you consider how many carrier and essential oils were used to produce the honest amish beard oil. Having in mind this oil comes in a 2 ounce bottle that Amber coloring will look nice on your shelf on in your beard grooming box.

Beginners and novice users will find the Honest Amish packaging extremely user friendly as it’s equipped with a dropper that will help you increase the time period you’re using this beard oil compared to other products that lack a dropper or at least a restrictor valve.


User friendly packed beard oil with classy root beer scent that will save you some dollars on grooming.

Product Info

  1. CAPACITY: 2oz.
  2. PRICE PER OUNCE: $6.94
  3. SCENT: Clove

Wild Willie’s beard elixir

Image result for Wild Willie's beard elixirThe Manskape company created wild Willie’s beard Elixir and although we just tend to stay away from beard oils labeled as growth enhancers, elixirs or any kind of magical solution that will just help your beard look healthier this one is quite a unique blend that provides great value for your money so we decided to include it in this top 10 list.


Before we go deep into the subject of what this beard oil can mean for your beard in terms of growth and health we’ll try to analyze the ingredients that are apart of wild Willie’s beard elixir. First we’ll start with them carrier oils and we must admit it’s quite an impressive combination of quality base oils including:

  • Apricot Kernel Oil (Organic)
  • Grapeseed Oil
  • Argan Oil (Organic)
  • Castor Oil (Organic)
  • Gold Jojoba Oil (Organic)

There’s that good old gold Jojoba and Argan oil once again. It seems like every beard brand on the planet is using these oils and there’s a good reason for this.

These five oils are what consists more than 90% of wild Willie’s beard Elixir, which is extremely similar to the Leven Rose unscented beard oil. This solution is much cheaper and it still provides the same health and appearance benefits for your beard.

Although, we would once again like to advise people with allergic reactions to nuts to stay away from beard oils that have Argan in them.

If this is the case, we strongly suggest allergens free beard choice or you can just go make your own beard oil at home.

One ingredient that sticks out as the first gray hair in your beard and it can’t be found in any other similar product is Emu oil. Yes that’s right this beard oil contains animal fat.

You may wonder how people acquire Emu oil and we’re sadly stating how the process is not very animal-friendly. If you’re unwilling to hear more about it and have something against the people at Wild Willy’s because of this, you can continue down the list as any other beard oil is made solely from plant based elements.

If not get ready to hear about all the benefits this Emu based beard oil can bring to your skin and facial hair.

The natural Emu oil is created from the fat produced during the process of Emu slaughtering. That’s kinda sad, but if you want to know why this oil is called an elixir just go with the wind and read the entire story.

The oil is then heated and after it reaches a certain temperature it is strained with the goal of creating a pure Emu virgin oil.

This sounds kinda nasty, so we’ll understand if you go with beard oils that don’t consist animal residues. And this is easy as most of the beards on the market are made out of plant-based oils.

If you can accept the fact that the beard oil you’ll be applying on your face has a little bit of Emu inside of it, let’s see what this ingredient brings in terms of health benefits.

The oil has been used in the past because of its characteristic composition that provides multiple benefits for both your skin and your body:

  • Anti-aging Emu oil is great if you have problems with acne, but it’s also a great weapon you can use against scars and different types of spots on your skin. Researchers have found how you despoil will also affect different blemishes on the surface of your skin.
  • Anti-inflammatory the same researchers also found how emu oil also benefits people that suffer from chronic inflammation. When you apply this Natural Animal oil to the surface of your skin it acts as a blood circulation booster. Something every beard growth product tends to achieve.
  • Facial Hair General Health – Emu is the national symbol of Australia mainly because of its characteristic looks. It’s a bird with a fur-like layer of feathers on its outside. Those shiny feathers are so good looking because of the natural oil the Emu bird produces, so it’s quite safe to assume how this ingredient will also affect the state of your own facial hair follicles and make your beard look much better.

Enough about Emu oil. It’s just weird to think about the notion there’s a bird based element in your beard oil. Yet, we can’t argue with all the benefits it brings to the table.

The next carrier oil we would just love to talk about, that’s a part of the Wild Willie’s blend, is Vitamin E oil.

This is some high end stuff you can find only in the most expensive beard products on the market, so it was quite surprising to see it on the label of a $8.5 per ounce bottle.

Vitamin E, just like Emu oil, is expensive because it acts as both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredient, but what’s interesting to note is how this vitamin is also great to use against free radicals, which is one of the main areas of the whole anti-aging topic.

It’s time for the essential oils, but I have the feeling you already knew that based on our previous beard oil reviews.


The main scent used within this oil is cedarwood, common essential oil used in almost every “manly” beard oil on the market, but we must say how the overall aroma of Wild Willie’s oil won’t last that long and it leaves a pretty diluted after-smell.

I know. You want an oil that will make your beard smell like an antique furniture for hours. After all this is what makes girls go crazy. Well, you won’t get this with this so called elixir.

And that’s the main reason why. This is primarily a beard health product rather than some fancy fragrance. For crying out loud it has Emu oil inside of it, something you can’t find with any other oil available on Amazon or anywhere else.

Take the price per ounce into consideration as well. The manufacturer went all in when it comes to carrier oils, so it would be totally cost ineffective for them to include huge quantities of essential oils in their blend.

If you’re more of a guy that wants to keep his beard healthy while not caring so much about scents, this is certainly a great “value for your money” choice as it has both Emu and Vitamin E oil inside. Two quite important elements when we talk about the health of your facial hair’s follicle.

The design of the bottle is quite impressive and it makes the implementation process a piece of cake. It doesn’t have a nice little dropper like most of the oils available today, and it certainly doesn’t have a restrictor valve like Beardbrand releases, but what it has is something characteristic for pre shave oil packages. Little pump at the top of the bottle that will help you spray a predetermined quantity of the oil on your beard with ease and ultimate control.

One of the “issues” we have with this particular beard oil is the bottle design. Although it looks nice for a 2 oz bottle, it offers zero UV protection, so it would be hard to keep its ingredients intact by just leaving it on your bathroom shelf. You’ll need to keep the bottle hidden somewhere in your cupboard or in your beard care box, but one thing is certain, you won’t be able to keep it on direct exposure to the sun.

Something we’ve seen the Honest Amish and the Mountaineer Brand achieve with solid colors for their bottle designs. Beardsmen from all over the globe noticed how the scent of the oil reduces over time and we believe this is the main reason why this happens.

Talking about value for your money, Wild Willie’s beard elixir is a true bargain. GUYS! It has Emu oil and Vitamin E stacked inside of it, do you know how expensive this stuff can get? Not to mention all the benefits they carry for your beard. When you compare it to some of the more “high end” no scent options this is one of the more quality yet inexpensive products you can get.


Great value for a beard oil that will rejuvenate your facial hair for those willing to try a oil with almost no scent at all.  

Product Info

  1. CAPACITY: 2oz.
  2. PRICE PER OUNCE: $8.5
  3. SCENT: Cedar / Woodsy

CanYouHandlebar Wisdom Beard Oil

Image result for CanYouHandlebar Wisdom Beard OilMen have basic demands when it comes to choosing the perfect beard oil for their needs. If it’s made out of natural ingredients and it gives you that classy lumberjack scent, you’re good to go. Right?

What most of the oils on the market failed to accomplish is creating a natural beard oil that will stay on your beard for extended periods of time. Usually the scent of the beard oil decreases after only an hour after application.

We don’t want the entire office floor to feel the way your beard smells, but it would be nice if there’s some fragrance present throughout the day.

BAE doesn’t wait to see you in the evening just to smell a dull and boring beard. That’s why CanYouHandlebar decided to make your girl happy and give you a beard oil that will actually stay with you throughout the day.

What is different? How did they manage to achieve this when everybody uses pretty much the same ingredients?


To understand how the Wisdom Beard Oil manages to keep your beard fresh and redolent for longer periods of time we’ll once again dig deep into its structure and what a better way to start than listing all the carrier and essential oils you can find on the back of the label:

  • Olive oil
  • Grapeseed oil
  • Vitamin E oil
  • Apricot oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Argan oil
  • Essential oils for woodsy smell (most probably cedarwood)

There’s that Jojoba oil once again! It’s freaking crazy. It seems like everybody is using it in their blend.

If you’ve missed it before here are couple of reasons why Jojoba oil is great for your beard:

  • One of the best natural supplements that will support your body’s production of sebum oil through the sebaceous glands beneath each hair.
  • Great for people with strong allergic reactions because of its mild composition.
  • Your skin will thank you for keeping it at optimum moisturization level.
  • Your facial hair will also benefit in the same extent.
  • Dead skin and beardruff are successfully treated.
  • Itchy skin becomes a thing of the past.  
  • Split ends will most likely cease to happen.

Regular application of jojoba oil will make your bear so soft that it will become easier to brush and comb it regularly, which will ultimately put you in a position where you don’t need to care so much whether you use an electric trimmer or shears.

Yep, the only cure for split ends is trimming with scissors, more specifically shears, and this can be so time consuming if you’re doing it on our own.

Jojoba oil doesn’t only improve the health of your beard, but it saves you some time on trimming as well.  

We’ve seen how Wild Willie created a “beard elixir” that included one rare ingredient in the likes of Vitamin E oil.

Because of its price range it’s always great to see a brand invest a little bit more in their blend. CanYouHandlebar is one of the priciest beard oil solutions on the market, so this comes as a normal thing.

After all, for a price of $20 per ounce, this oil must include all the top shelf stuff.

Vitamin E that can be found as the main ingredient in let’s say the apricot oil (check the list above) is not only great for keeping your skin and hair nourished. This is one of the best natural antioxidants your body can acquire.

Besides the obvious skin health problems like brown spots and cuticle damage, Vitamin E acts as a blocker to all free radicals your body is exposed to, making it a great anti aging weapon.

Just take a single product out of the women’s care department in your local drugstore and go through the ingredients. My favorites are new innovative hair drops and conditioners, but you can go with just anything. You notice how Vitamin E is listed on almost every bottle no matter the type of product?

Gentleman! Learn from women. They dedicate most of their free time to learn ways how to take care of their body.

Long Lasting Scent

It’s pricey and it’s nothing new compared to other beard oils, but what the Wisdom Beard Oil created by CanYouHandlebar excels in is a long lasting strong yet pleasant scent.

We couldn’t find a clear proof about the exact ingredients (essential oils) used to achieve such a woodsy and earthy smell at the same time, so based on experience with all other beard oils we’ve came across we can assume there’s certainly cedarwood in the blend.

It’s a heavy smell that can be repugnant to some of you, but when talking this particular beard oil we noticed how the aroma dissipates in the first hour or so and leaves you with a nice mild aroma that will last longer than any other oil.

The branding team chose the right name for this product as it’s great for both beginners and more advanced users thanks to the combination of a clear smell that will last and still manages to provide the common set of health benefits for your beard.

Bottle Design

The Honest Amish beard oil comes in a burlap sack, which is always great if you’re planning to give your oil as a present, but it’s just not enough when trying to present a serious brand to your potential advocates and customers.

CanYouHandlebar packed its Wisdom oil in a nice and clean cardboard box that gets 10 points for design simplicity, but it’s still not the best one we’ve seen in the industry.

What we have issue with is the beard oil bottle the brand uses for its unique aroma rich brand.

It’s a simple design, which we always support, but it simply looks like a pharmaceutical pill bottle the company bought for cheap on AliExpress.

I’m kidding you not. One of the priciest beard oils on the market is packed in a bottle that doesn’t even have a restrictor valve or a dropper. This will make everyday application a little bit challenging, plus you’ll use some percentage of the beard oil on mishaps and spills.

It’s nice how the bottle is dark colored in amber, this will certainly protect the ingredients from harmful UV rays, but still … There’s not even a dropper!

The dark colored bottle will help you keep this beard oil intact for several months, but what good is this when you need to be careful every time you open the bottle and try not spill it all over the place.

Another thing you need to take into consideration is how when you don’t have a measuring tool on your beard oil bottle you also won’t have constant results. It’s quite simple when you think about it, you’re not equipped with a tool to measure the amount of beard oil you need, so you don’t really know how much is enough.


Standing tall at $20 per ounce it certainly isn’t a cheap solution, but it still isn’t the most expensive one on the market, plus it has an average rating of 4.7 on Amazon, so we can place this oil right in the middle of the matrix. You literally get what you’ve paid for, nothing less nothing more.


High quality oil, even for the price tag it has, that comes with a strong cedar scent that will last longer than usual. The bottle doesn’t have a measuring tool, so this can be a big problem.

Product Info

  1. CAPACITY: 1oz.
  3. SCENT: Woodsy

The Blades Grim Cinder Beard Oil

Image result for The Blades Grim Cinder Beard OilThe Blades Grim is a company that covers a wide range when it comes to male grooming products. They have high quality balms, shampoos, soaps and even colognes.

When you compare its price, with let’s say another high end pricey solution called Leven Rose, the Blades Grim Cinder is 50 cents cheaper while also being the better choice.

Although those of you that want an unscented beard oil should strongly consider the Leven Rose, this is surely the more quality product in terms of ingredients.


Now let’s talk about ingredients folks. I know you’re all here to find out what’s in your new favorite beard oil.

We’ve started the comparison with the Leven Rose, so we’ll continue in the same tone.

This unscented beard oil has only organic jojoba and argan inside of it, which is a lot more boring than the list of carrier oils the Grim Reaper offers. Besides the usual stuff, the Cinder has its own scent supported by Vitamin E rich oils like the apricot kernel and an avocado base oil, which is not that common on the market.

You see everybody going with either the jojoba, sweet almond or argan, so you get used to that industry standard and it’s very refreshing to see an oil that combines such tropical flavors.

Because of this the Grim Cinder won’t offer the same results as any other oil on the market. You may see your beard go a little bit drier, but you’ll flourish in terms of smell and fragrance because the blend is filled with some fancy aromas.

You’ll still get your beard nourished and keep it moisturized, but it can feel a little bit dry from time to time. There’s enough Vitamin E inside this cool looking bottle to keep your skin and hair healthy.

If you just landed here directly, we already mentioned how Vitamin E is one of the best tools you can equip your beard hair and the skin beneath it if you want to battle wrinkles, brown spots and bring the anti-aging element to the whole equation.

Thanks to this, which is not an exclusivity for the Grim Cinder oil, your beard will also stay itch and beardruff free, because your skin will be oily enough to repel the creation of dead skin.

There’s Fragrance

We hate to see fragrance used in such an interesting beard oil, but we must mention this to you, so you can make the educated choice when choosing the best product for your needs.

The Environmental Working Group, that regularly tests beauty products targeted towards both women and men, labeled fragrance as a 8 out of 10 hazardous, which means you should avoid it at all cost when choosing your next personal hygiene product.

Here are some of the reasons why you need to stay away from fragrances:

Fragrances are infiltrating the male grooming industry and this isn’t something we’re gladly accepting, so you should always inform yourself about a product before you buy it and we’ll always try to give you sincere info about every aspect of the beard market.

All that talk about fragrance and for what?

The company states how their beard oil’s scent is close to:

a warm and toasty mix of Venezuelan Tonka, Orange Peel, Mandarin, Coriander Leaves and Star Anise” – Amazon page.

Or even better:

“Dark Tangy mix of bergamot, lemon, fir, and geranium with a hint of wood, leather, and musk” – Official The Blades Grim website.


To us it smells too intense for too long. Contrary to your average beard oil made out of natural ingredients, Blade Grim’s Cinder will stay with your beard for couple of hours, if not the whole day.

And all because of that nasty fragrance.

Bottle Design

Hooray! There’s a restrictor valve on this beard oil bottle and we’re happy about that, but it looks a lot like Beardbrand’s bottle design, so you may end up mixing the two brands on your shelf. The only difference is in the slightly rectangular shape. The amber color of the bottle will keep your carrier oils and fragrance intact from UV rays, so you don’t need to worry about that at all.


Acceptable price for a beard oil that will make your beard smell great throughout the day, for those willing to accept the fact it’s enriched with artificial fragrance.

Product Info

  1. CAPACITY: 1oz.
  2. PRICE PER OUNCE: $13.50
  3. SCENT: Fireplace Scent

Beardbrand Tea Tree Beard Oil

Image result for Beardbrand Tea Tree Beard OilBeardbrand is one of the first major companies that entered the market through the Etsy platform years ago and they’ve dominated every aspect of it thanks to their diverse line of products.

Today they offer inexpensive beard oil solutions as a part of their Blank Slate offer with a price tag of $14.99, but they also have some premium oils that can go as high as $79.99.

We’ve chose to go with their Tea Tree oil because it’s just at the middle of the pack when we talk about price versus value and benefits.


Remember how we warned you about beard brands that use fancy names when they label their ingredients in our Beginner’s Beard Oil Guide? Well Beardbrand is one of those companies, but we won’t take this too much against them as they have high quality products.

Here are all the ingredients that consist the Tea Tree Beard Oil and their common terms:

  • Simmondsia chinensis oil (jojoba)
  • Vitis vinifera oil (grapeseed oil)
  • Prunus dulcis oil (almond oil)
  • Ricinus communis oil (castor oil)
  • Fragrance (essential oils)
  • Citrus grandis (grapefruit) seed extract
  • Glycerin (vegetable derived)

Yeah! There’s Jojoba once again. If you went through this entire article, you’re probably bored to hear another word about this great carrier oil, so we would advise you skip through the next paragraphs.

Again, we’ll try to keep it short when it comes to explaining all the benefits Jojoba brings to the beard game, so a bullet point list should be sufficient:

  • Mild carrier oil
  • Doesn’t cause any allergic reactions (make a test behind your earlobe just in case)
  • Keeps your skin moisturized
  • Your facial hair as well
  • Battles split ends
  • Doesn’t conflict with your already oily skin or acne problems
  • Similar to sebum oil your body produces already on its own, but you just can’t get enough

And that’s why Jojoba is great, but enough about it already! Let’s see what’s new and interesting with this Tea Tree beard oil.

The addition of glycerin!

But, not just any type of glycerin, this is a vegetarian all natural organic one. Well it can’t be natural it’s glycerin after all, but it is derived from organic sources and it’s labeled as good to go and you can securely apply it on your skin and beard.

Why is it used?

Remember when your mother bought you that glycerin soap in high school and said it was great for acne and pimples? Well they were right.

It can be found in huge range of products from sweeteners to soaps and pommades. The role of glycerin and beards is to keep that Jojoba and any other oil you’re using on your beard last longer and stay longer on your facial hair.

Substitute for naturally derived glycerin is Vitamin E, which is a much pricier option and we applaud to all the brands that make it a part of their blend.

This Fragrance is Good

We explored the idea of how bad fragrance can be for your skin and that more than 3000 different ingredients can be labeled as fragrances, but there’s something you should also know, that we noticed with Beardbrand’s oil.

They don’t state what exact fragrances they use, but based on the smell of the oil and the scent it leaves on your beard, combined with the average time it stays there, the Tea Tree oil is flavored with a mix of essential oils to achieve its aroma.

We felt like it was important to say how the fragrance here is consisted out of essential oil bases and it’s nothing like the one you can find in your perfume or shampoo.

Bottle Design

We’ve seen tons of round bottles today and it’s refreshing to see a square shape for our last two choices.The amber color, like with the most of the products on our list, will protect this precious little oil from any negative outside influence like UV rays.

There is no dropper, but you’re not left alone on this world as there’s a slick restrictor valve that not only looks good, but it’s extremely useful as well.

Classy Scent

We talked how Beardbrand listed fragrance as one of the main ingredients and this is why it’s so interesting to depict the exact smell that this beard oil provides. When I first opened it and applied on my beard it was very refreshing and it felt like cold summer breeze.

I would speculate with some Felce Azzurra natural formula, but to stay on the safe side it seems like these essentials are part of the mix:

  • Peppermint
  • Tea Tree (duh …)
  • Vanilla

Don’t be afraid if this oil smells heavy in the beginning as the smell will wear of in the first hour or so, which is another proof that there are no unnatural chemicals.


There’s a reason why I wrote the subheading with CAPS Lock. Although Beardbrand has a line of more affordable beard oils their Tea Tree mix is sold for $25 per ounce, which is a high end price for such a product.

After all, it uses glycerin instead of Vitamin E … Come on guys, push that price a notch down.


High quality beard oil great for your facial hair if you’re ready to swallow the price and the fact it has glycerin instead of Vitamin E.

Product Info:

  1. CAPACITY: 1oz.
  3. SCENT: Earthy Tones

Leven Rose Beard Oil

Leven Rose is a brand that serves both men and women. If you’re a girl that wants to have healthier and shiny hair, this is the place where you’ll find some of the best hair oil on the market.

It’s great to see such a successful women first company, diversify its product line vertically, so it can also serve a completely different market, keeping the same level of quality.

If you open their Amazon product page you’ll notice how the Leven Rose unscented beard oil has more than 4000 thousand reviews, which makes it one of the most popular choices for beardsmen all over the world.

We’ve focused on the fragrance free version because it’s rare to find a beard oil with SUCH a dull aroma and it seems like customers love this:

Bearded fellas that want to add some aroma to their powerful beard can go with some of the other choices on this list or just check out Leven Rose’s aroma rich beard oils that include these essential oils:

  • Sandalwood
  • Cedarwood
  • Juniper Sage

This particular beard oil is consisted only out of:

  • Jojoba oil
  • Argan oil

We must give Jojoba some credit. It’s officially the most used carrier oil and it’s present with almost every choice we’ve included on this list.

Scan through the article and you’ll find tons of benefits Jojoba provides as an organic moisturizing solution. To make it easier for you, just go to the previous section and read the bullet points. They will literally outline everything you need to know about Jojoba and beards.

Be careful with Argan. It’s the second most used beard oil and we’ve talked a lot about it as well, but one thing we’ve also mentioned how argan is a nut and it can cause allergic reactions although it’s a mild carrier oil suitable for beard use.

The biggest positive we would like to outline here is how both of these base oils are 100% organic, so you don’t have to worry whether you’re applying a pesticide and chemical filled oil to your facial hair.

Another proof of this is the fact Leven Rose imports its argan oil directly from Morocco, which is where this interesting and highly beneficial plant originally descends from. Take that for QUALITY!

This is what makes this beard so special. It’s consisted only out of two 100% organic ingredients and you can rest assured how there are no artificial fragrances or nasty genetically modified components.

It’s literally a homemade high quality version you would love to see with every beard oil on the market, but this also makes it the pricier option.

There are no essential oils present within this beard oil, that’s why it’s fragrance free in the first place, so you’ll need to look elsewhere if you’re looking for an antiseptic or anti-toxic beard oil that will clean the skin beneath your beard or in some cases boost your blood flow and directly affect beard growth.

The design of the bottle is simple, but it’s still amber colored, so you won’t have problems with those harmful UV rays.


100% organic simple two carrier oil based beard oil that has a certain price tag for the quality it provides. If you’re for a well build fragrance free beard oil, this is the one for you. One of the best valued beard oils on the market.

Product Info:


  1. CAPACITY: 1oz.
  2. PRICE PER OUNCE: $13.97
  3. SCENT: Unscented

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