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How to wear The Designer Stubble beard style the best you can – Tips, Tricks, Pics and great examples

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The designer stubble or also known as the 5 o’clock shadow is a short growth of beard that is meant to portray a rugged masculine. It was widely popularized by George Michael and the show ‘Miami Vice’ back in the 1980s, continued to be worn and reinvented in the years to come and from recent days often seen on the popular actor Tom Hardy and rapper Drake. So it seems that the designer stubble isn’t going out of trend in the near future.

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If you feel like a rebel who wants the world to know that it’s ok not to be perfectly neat and you want to show that natural sexy look than the designer stubble is the one for you. This style emphasizes the virility of a man, giving an image of someone who doesn’t have the time or is carefree to shave, or both. I would recommend it also for the ones who are prone to shaving irritation and ingrown facial hairs. The more angular face types and especially the square faced are better suited for this style as it highlights the cheekbones and the jawline, but it can be worn by any face shape as long as the density of the beard is satisfying.

Tips & Tricks

Be aware that you must have a thick beard to achieve the maximum effect. It’s also ok for a medium density beard but I would strongly not recommend it for the patchy type because it looks ridiculous. There are tricks that make your beard thicker but unfortunately, those do not apply here because the designer stubble is after all a stubble and you just don’t have the material to work with. The most important tip is that although is giving out an unkempt look, maintenance is the key to preserving the perfect designer stubble.

Genetics plays the most part for the density of the beard. It’s ok not to have an abundant beard, but it’s not ok to force it.

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Shaping and Trimming Your Designer Stubble

For starters, you will need to stop shaving for about a week or more, so you’ll have plenty of material to work with. The main tools that you will need are a trimmer and a razor if your trimmer doesn’t have an edge function.

Start with a slightly longer setting on your trimmer of about 1/16” so you can work down on length. Use the trimmer in the direction your hair grows to even it out. The length of your stubble should be defined by your beard color and density, as thicker and darker beards look more scruffy.

You should note that if you want a cleaner look, you may also keep your stubble at different lengths at different parts of your face. It won’t be a problem if you have a little patchy area on your cheeks after the trimming, we will sort them out in the next step.

Next, we will use the edge function or the razor on the cheek and mustache area to remove any asymmetrical spots or stray hairs around the edges.

  • For the full stubble, fade the hair from your Adam’s apple to just under the jawline at a slightly lower length setting from the upper side.
  • To achieve the clean look, you should shave your neckline hair just beyond your jawline. With this, you’ll allow the stubble to extend down the visible portion of your jaw thus hiding the sharp contrast line that stays behind.

As mentioned, although is giving out an unkempt look, the designer stubble requires plenty of maintenance. Be prepared to trim and edge every 2-4 days, depending on how fast your facial hair groves. If it’s not maintained regularly the designer stubble could turn in a badly shaped beard making you look ungroomed. As always you should nurture your beard with quality oils, shampoos and conditioners for the fuller and healthier look of the same.

You’ve decided to go with the Designer Stubble? Collect all the grooming data you need in our beard care department.

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