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Eminem beard is creepy and you won’t be able to keep your eyes off it

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Eminem decided to grow a beard this summer and that’s ok with us. Hey, we’re always happy when a man decides to become even manlier, but is that the case with Eminem?

The always extravagant and provocative rapper is going with a really thing 5 o’clock shadow beard that looks creepy as hell.

You be the judge:

eminem stubble beard style
Eminem looks really weird with his new stubble beard style.
eminem gold chain hoodie stubble beard
Eminem rapping against president Trump in a BET freestyle.
eminem saturday night live
Performing a medley on “Saturday Night Live”

Some men are just not meant to look good with a beard and that’s that. Or are they? [sinister laugh]

marshal matters full beard montage
We tried Marshall …

Now, that’s better isn’t it?

Maybe Mr. Marshall sees this and decides to grow real beard instead of that weak creepy stubble he’s having right now.

Here’s the evolution and the path that led Eminem to become a little stubbly monster:

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