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Everything You Need To Know About Grooming Your Beard From Dr. Allan Peterkin

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There are various markant secondary gender characteristics that make every man look more distinguished, but it’s certainly that dash of glamour and virility that make your beard one of the most intriguing male features in our modern era. Pop culture is filled with actors, singers, athletes and other celebrities that build their entire style around the power their beard brings to the red carpet.

Stubbles are cool, but there’s something even more appealing when you look at a full grown well maintained beard. Whatever the situation, you’ll need to learn how to control that beast that protects your body from microbes and germs.

In a recent interview with Dr. Allan Peterkin who considers himself as being one of not so many beard scholars around, Huffington Post’s Style department found out what the renown pogonologist had to say about the art of grooming and how you yourself can up your beard game to the next level.

It should be interesting to learn a thing or two from a guy that is also a part of the Dove Men team in the role of a face care expert, and has two books titled The Bearded Gentleman and One Thousand Beards under his belt. Everything you can learn about the beard styling techniques of the past and present can be considered as an invaluable info for your beard growing journey.

Keep an eye on this one as the content below may hide some life changing tips from a beard expert.

Just listen to the man and try to replicate whatever he’s telling you, like seriously dude … The guy’s a beard pro for real.

What’s The Most Popular Beard Style?

The most popular look is stubble — that’s if you look in the magazines GQ, Esquire— the guy has stubble and sometimes stubble with layering, with thicker sideburns, or with a mustache.

You’re seeing the mountain man beard but that’s kind of like fringe college kid, or has a hipster element. There’s seasonal mustache growing for charity — I don’t think the mustache has really hit as permanent expression.

Does the shape of your face determine your beard style?

Men use facial hair to play up strengths or hide weaknesses. If you have a weak chin, you can square it off by having a beard; if you have a really big nose, a full mustache will counter that.

… and what about other characteristics, like baldness?

You see guys who are bald and grow a nice beard, it really looks good to have bald head and stubble, for example. I think men are getting really strategic about their use of facial hair from the aesthetic and cosmetic sides.

Can you tell us the biggest mistake a guy can make when we talk about beard grooming?

You’ll see guys cut their beard right under their chin, and it looks really severe and artificial. So they should really aim somewhere between the Adam’s apple and under the chin, that’s kind of a natural place.

When should one shave off his beard?

I always tell people before they grow a big beard or if you’ve had a beard, before you shave it off, you should consult your partner and possibly your barber. I think guys do foolish things that don’t look great — some other people should get a vote, I think particularly your spouse or your partner.

Spill the beans man! Please!

Bearded or not, you still have skin. Some guys think “I don’t need to use products with SPF if I have a beard,” but you can still get sun damage.

Is that all?

You need to wash your face; you can use the same product for washing your face and washing your beard. You still need to shave your margins if you have a beard, so you can use gel to keep it tidy.

Do you need tons of products to keep your beard neat?

Guys want to keep it simple, so I don’t want 15 products. There are all these lines for beards now, beard oil and beard conditioner. One line of products will often cover you whether you’re clean shaven or bearded.

Your thoughts on beard art?

That’s the whole thing about facial hair nowadays: guys are having fun. It’s sort of a little bit of playful rebellion. Our fathers and grandfathers probably couldn’t have gotten away with it. It’s confident — “I can do this” — and it’s fun. So I welcome that — I think that’s a great trend.

We couldn’t agree more with Allan Peterkin and we suggest you go through our detailed Beard Care Guide before you decide to shape up or trim your beard.

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