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How to wear the Full Beard style the best you can – Tips, Tricks, Pics and great examples

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Like the name suggests, the full beard is a couple of levels above plain stubble, the goatee or the mustaches combined. The full beard is the truest beard of them all, the first of its kind and the last to be forgotten. The full beard represents a step to manlier look, with bonus increase in confidence. The full beard will wipe out that baby face that you have. The full beard will grant you the life you always wanted, as long you’re respecting it like it deserves.


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If you feel like a rebel who wants the world to know that it’s ok not to be perfectly neat and you want to show that natural sexy look than the full beard is the one for you. This style emphasizes the virility of a man, giving an image of someone who doesn’t have the time or is carefree to shave, or both. I would recommend it also for the ones who are prone to shaving irritation and ingrown facial hairs. It can be worn by any face shape as long as the density of the beard is satisfying.


Be aware that you must have a thicker beard to achieve the maximum effect. It’s also ok for a medium density beard but I would strongly not recommend it for the patchy type because it simply looks ridiculous. There are few tricks that make your beard thicker and you can find them in the links below. But the most important tip is that although is giving out an unkempt look, maintenance is the key to preserving the perfect full beard.

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Genetics plays the most part for the density of the beard. It’s ok not to have an abundant beard, but it’s not ok to force it.

Use the mustache scissors to even out your mustaches and any stray hair from the rest of the beard.

Shaping and Trimming Your Full Beard

For starters, you will need to stop shaving for a while, so you’ll have plenty of material to work with. Keep in mind that growing a full beard doesn’t mean that you should be looking like a werewolf, so maintain it regularly while growing it. The main tools that you will need are a trimmer, mustache scissors, and a razor if your trimmer doesn’t have an edge function.

You’ll need to hydrate your beard and then brush it with a comb it in a downward direction.

Use the trimmer to get the desired length.  I would keep it at a minimum of 3/8 inch(10mm) or longer to achieve the best look.

With the razor shave off any unnecessary facial hair and make a clean line on your upper cheeks. The neckbeard should be shaven up to the point where the jaw meets the neck.

Keep in mind that the full beard doesn’t require much trimming and maintenance except for the regular oils and balms treatment.


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