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What to expect when growing a beard for the first time?

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I remember the first time I decided to go with a full beard look. It itched like hell at the beginning! I can tell you that. Yet the growing experience was something I’m really proud with.

It would be great if someone told me how to take care of my beard in the first month as I think this would’ve decreased the time I spent trimming every week to fix what I thought was wrong with my style.

To avoid starting all over again … and again … and again …

Here are some of the things you can expect in your first month of beard growth and some really handy tips you can act on right away.


It will itch a lot in the first week or two

Beard Itches

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Why did you shaved so religiously over the years? This is the main reason behind beard itching in the first couple of weeks of growth. Just imagine wearing thousands of needle tops on your face.

Well, it’s not that drastic, but the top of your hair, because of all the shaving you’ve done, is now very thick and sharp. Here’s what you can do to overcome the itch:

  • Relax – Just man it up and wait for this period of two weeks tops to end. It can be annoying, but just go to a massage or some spa center, I don’t know how they call these places as I’m a man, but I’m sure you’ll find your own solution.
  • Coconut oil – It’s probably early for you to use some more advanced carrier oils like Jojoba and Sweet Almond on your beard as it’s still relatively short. That’s why you need coconut oil. Very healthy natural oil that will moisturize your skin and the best part is it stiffens when you place it in a fridge, so you’ll be able to run it down across your face before it melts down. Would probably go with a different oil, once the beard grows a little bit, and you can find why in the Grooming section of this site.
  • Camomile oil – Better start drinking that chamomile tea as it can do heavens for your skin. The oil is in the group of essential oils and some people may find its scent too strong for their skin, so the alternative is to put chamomile tea bags over your face, which I think will only make you look silly. Try mixing couple of drops of the chamomile oil with around 1 ounce of the coconut oil.
  • Soap clean – It’s too early for beard shampoos, so a good solution is cleaning your face with some natural organic soap. I would try glycerine based soaps as they are great for skin cleansing. Remember this from my teenage days. Don’t do this too often, maybe couple of times a week, and stop using soaps the moment your beard grows thicker and longer.
  • Hydrate – Don’t forget your water as all this washing and itching will make your skin dry. Great drink recipe for skin hydration is mixing honey and cinnamon in boiling water.
  • Pomade – Protecting your skin is tough when you just start growing a beard as you don’t have enough material to use oils and waxes, but you can still use pomade every now and then. Another great product is beard balm.


You’ll need to work on your shape early on

You have a style in mind I know that. You may want to look like some celebrity or you just want to showcase your inner self. No matter the case, you’ll need to know how to trim and comb your beard early on to achieve anything at all.


Shaving will not only cause huge itch at the beginning, but it will also affect the direction of your hair, which can quite literally cripple your style if you don’t shape it up the right way early on.

After two weeks your beard may look uneven, untidy and simply shaggy.

There is really only one thing to do at this stage, before you’re able to start combing. You should probably wait for a full month before you make a serious trim, but you can work little by little on your:

  • Neckline – Don’t trim too high and always try to parallel your beard with the spot where the front side of your neck meets the head, just above Adam’s apple in most cases.
  • Upper cheeks – Just pick up the top line of your beard, the one closest to your eyes and start fading until the point here your thick beard patch starts. This will give you a tidier yet natural look.
  • Mustache lip – Do this with scissors instead of an electric razor or a trimmer because you’ll cut only few hairs at a time and you’ll have greater precision over the cut. You don’t want to trim a lot, just enough so you take care of split ends. Good rule of thumb is that your moustache is above your lower lips when you brush it downwards.

Be careful not to trim a big patch of your beard here as you’ll need to start all over again. If you’re not sure what to do, go through our beard trimming section.

Note: People that are all into the natural and yeard beard styles, can just relax, oil and comb their yeardy.

Combing and Brushing

After two or three weeks you’ll have enough material to use a comb or at least a brush. While you were shaving your beard regularly, you’ve not only messed up the hair in its core, but you’ve also steered it to a new direction.

What direction your beard grows is connected with the position of your neck and your chin. That’s why you need to use a strong brush at the beginning and comb every day in the morning and before you go to sleep. Try softening your beard with a conditioner when you shower, so you have better results.


Patches will be overcomed

The biggest virtue you may build personally while you’re growing your beard is patience. You’ve shaped up your beard and it will take time for it to cover all your problematical areas, but don’t worry patches will be overcomed.

Urban Myth Debunked: Don’t try increasing the strength of your beard or thinking you’ll grow hair from your patches by shaving more frequently.

Instead, try and work on your nutritional regimen and grooming habits, which are some of the biggest reasons why your beard is weak and just won’t grow.

Plus we’re here all the time and you can reach us through our contact page or directly on our social media profiles. To learn more about the beard behind Virile Beard, check the about page where I’ll keep an update on my beard growing journey.

When in doubt beard it out! If you don't know how, make sure to follow my blog, cuz I'm just another bearded man in this World.

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