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Ragnar Lothbrok French braid hair and beard trimming tutorial for the modern Viking

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The Ragnar hair and beard look is extremely popular today, but rarely who knows how to make it the right way. Even your local barber may find it difficult to trim your beard in such a manner or make a French braid from your hair. We hope this Ragnar hair and beard guide will help you achieve that rugged Travis Fimmel style.

What makes a man a true “barbaric warrior”? The biggest question concerning the average man during the Viking Era, when all the worries of the world were revolving around a couple of BIG questions and topics like warfare, pillaging, women and drinking.

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Yet there was one element that connected their world and you would be surprised when we tell you that’s grooming.

Yep, Vikings took great pride when it came down to their facial hair, so it’s always a pleasure to see new beard, braid or hair style on History Channel’s Vikings.

All the characters in this TV show, including your favorites from the Lothbrok dynasty, Ragnar, and Bjorn Ironside, represent an individual style that has a unique flair behind its apparel.

Great proof of how much time Vikings invested into beard and hair grooming are all the artifacts found in ancient grave sites where combs are always one of the most popular items.

One theory leads us to the belief how Viking men took great pride with their beards because they showcased their entire life and how powerful they are on the battlefield.

After all, it’s just common sense. The longer the beard, the braver the warrior. You can’t just grow a three-year beard without winning tons of battles.

Beards weren’t the only thing that made women adore Viking men.

When Vikings started raiding England, many noblemen were worried for their wives and daughters because they were attracted by the Northman due to their hygienic habits and the fact they bathed once a week, which was by far the highest average in Europe at the time.

Lured by the hedonistic way of living ancient Vikings build for them, today’s modern men will surely find some inspiration in their traditional style.

Ragnar Lothbrok, one of the greatest Viking kings and explorers of the West, played by Travis Fimmel, is surely among the top examples of a well nurtured barbarian, so it’s not surprising a great number of people want to know how to trim their beards and which hairstyle to choose to bring the Ragnar style to the streets.

The best Ragnar Lothbrok beard and hair guide we could think of includes a short analysis of Travis Fimmel’s look in each season of Vikings and a video guide on how to trim your beard.

If you’re looking for more insight and want to expand your angles before you start trimming that turf, check out Ragnar’s evolution from a handsome peasant to a virile beard king, which will show each turning point during the airing of Vikings circa 2013.

Travis Fimmel Ragnar Style Over The Years

The Cute Look: Everchanging Long Hair Undercut And Growing Beard

During the first two seasons of the Vikings TV Show, Travis Fimmel built his character but also worked on establishing a natural Viking look.

It’s noticeable how in the first couple of episodes there’s more emphasis on that powerful braided long hair undercut, and the beard is still in the making.

The battle Ragnar faced in the first ever Viking episode "Rites of passage" where he was seen as a madman for his advanced ideas to sail to the West during his initiation journey with his son; gave us a strong indication of where the show is heading in the future.

Things quickly change though …


The Virile Look: The Hair Migrates Towards The Beard

Travis managed to build that powerful look over the first two seasons, but then the time came for him to become an epic Viking king, so he needed to step up his beard game.

Character authenticity was also on the minds of the team behind Vikings, so Ragnar quickly got shorter hair and start growing his beard.

The transformation started happening after the first couple of episodes where Ragnar still had this look:


The end result?


You’ll probably want to go for the Ragnar look from the first two seasons so here’s a hair and beard guide you’ll want to check out:

Ragnar Hair And Beard Guide

Ragnar Lothbrok Beard Trimming Tutorial

Although the video bellow talks about trimming your beard Viking style in general, it will surely be helpful to show you where you need to be extra careful and how to achieve the desired Ragnar look you’re after.

Time to complete

1 hour

You’ll need:

  • Beard Oil
  • Beard Clay
  • Trimmer
  • Hair Drier
  • Beard comb

Ragnar Hair French Braid Tutorial

Yeah, we’re quite aware that’s a chick on the video, but she’s pretty crafty with her hands and made an awesome Ragnar hair braid guide. Follow her steps and you’ll end up with a powerful braid over your undercut.

Time to complete

30 minutes

You’ll need:

  • Shoulder length hair
  • 3 small elastics
  • 2 large hair ties
  • Comb

You may not have Travis Fimmel’s hair and genes to wear his Ragnar look, but you can surely look like a modern Viking if you follow these two video guides step by step.

When in doubt beard it out! If you don't know how, make sure to follow my blog, cuz I'm just another bearded man in this World.

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