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Why my beard doesn’t grow and How to grow a stronger, thicker and longer beard?

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Finding ways on how to grow a thicker beard is probably the most common beard question occupying the mind of the modern beardsmen.

Don’t stress out if you have weak beard, one filled with patches or only couple of hairs underneath your chin. You can’t fix everything, but you can always find a good style to fit your appearance.

If everything goes according to plan and you have a healthy lifestyle, your beard will probably reach the average of half an inch per month. To see the exact natural process that happens underneath your skin you can check out our insightful article on the topic:

It’s also a good practice to check some popular beard styles, so you have an idea of what look will you be able to achieve. After that you can go through our beard growing, grooming and trimming guides to get acquainted with the whole process and avoid making any mistakes.

Commitment Is Key

Before we dig into all the beard growing secrets we compiled for you, let’s just clear up the air on one thing.

You MUST give your beard a chance before you label it as a complete failure.

Get Advice, and detect the problematic spots of your face

You see, Shia Labeouf never thought he’d be able to grow a beard before Tom Hardy explained to him how everything’s about the commitment.

If you plan to grow your beard for a week and start nagging how you have patches you can’t fix, just give it up and start making origami or find some other hobby.

The process of growing a beard isn’t only a physical one, it also focuses on improving some character traits of you as a person and perseverance is probably the key one.

Stick to the two week rule of thumb and let your beard grow for at least 15 days before you make any decision on trimming or shaving.

This is what we advocate and we think you’ll have noticeable results in the first two weeks, but it’s always a better choice to wait for a full month before you decide what to do with your beard.

Detect Problem Areas

Whatever you’re doing don’t go for the “Shave often and your beard will grow stronger and thicker”. That’s just not true as each one of us able to grow around half an inch per month.

It can be more, it can be less, but believe me, that friend with a solid turf under his chin isn’t growing 2 inches per month, he just has more hair and probably superior texture compared to you.

What you need to do after 2 to 4 weeks is detect your biggest beard growing problem areas.


Beard Patches Will Be Gone With Time

I have some pretty noticeable patches on both sides of my face just below the cheeks and there was never a period in my life when the hair thickened in those spots. And sir, I’ve been shaving since I was 14. Yep, that’s my genetic structure.

The point here is to look for patches and either try to grow hair there using beard growing supplements, which can fail you more often than not although there are some success stories, or start looking for a beard style that will cover those patches.

Christian Bale found a style that suits his face shape and didn’t even try to work on his problem areas. He just shaved them off and focused on that powerful chinstrap goatee combination.


Once you decide how to battle your patches and how important this is for your beard growing effort, it’s time to start working on that style you’re after. Before you start trimming think about which direction of your beard will make problems in the future and start brushing or combing your beard.

The two biggest problem areas are probably your mustaches and the line above your adam’s apple just beneath your beard or your neckline. If you go too low here, it will haunt you in the second and third month of beard growth.

We discuss the most common trimming problems in our dedicated guide on the topic where you can also find some useful tips, tricks and techniques.


If you’re beard feels dry or you’re just sure that’s not the pigment of your natural color, you’ll need to start learning everything you can about beard grooming and see how to treat and feed your beard the right way. We’ll cover some points in this article, but there are literally millions of reasons why your beard looks unhealthy, ranging from the products you consume on daily basis to your everyday life habits.

It’s important to:

  • Keep your beard clean at all times
  • Moisturize it with oil
  • Regular combing or brushing
  • Eat right
  • Take care of ingrown hair

To learn more about this stuff, go to our beard care guide.

How To Grow A Thicker Beard The All Natural Way? The secret behind stronger and thicker beard

The secret Behind Strong and thick beard

There is no secret. Your neighbor’s five footer only happened because he let his beard grow and he has a greater growth cycle than you and that’s all. Plus, everyone has a unique genetic code that will directly affect your beard’s:

  • Color
  • Diameter
  • Density

The goal of this article is not to show you how to grow your beard faster than anyone else. We’re here to show you how to grow a stronger and thicker beard than ever before, working on a healthy look for your long beard that comes with time.

Now, let’s cover the most important topics that affect your beard growth:

Testosterone and Dihydrotestosterone are crucial

Although there’s no clear scientific support whether testosterone affects your scalp’s hair health, we can surely say how both testosterone and its byproduct dihydrotestosterone are crucial for the growth of a healthier, stronger and thicker beard.

The reason why we say this isn’t because of some mumbo jumbo trend going out in the world of cosmetics today, but the clear fact that T and DHT are crucial biological elements produced by your body during the growth of facial hair follicles.

These two hormones are also connected with all of your secondary sex characteristics like body hair and nose hair among others.

What affects the levels of testosterone our bodies produce?

Have you ever wondered?

Keep Away From Processed Carbs

Keep your beard healthy by avoiding carbohydrates

This is a no brainer. It’s not only because of the look of your beard, think about your future as well. It’s easy to fill your stomach with fries and burgers, cereals and milk, pasta and sauce; but go and make a blood picture test with your doctor, I double dare you.

Processed carbohydrates mess around with the hormonal paths in your body because they trigger increased insulin secretion from the pancreas, which directly affects your testosterone levels.

You’ll need around a year of applying to some carbless diet to get your insulin level back to normal or you can just try reasoning when it comes to choosing your breakfast, lunch and dinner.

It’s not that hard believe me. Just start making some healthy dishes and you would be surprised how tasty a salad with some veal and parmesan can taste.

No need to go all Mr. Olympia on us, just stay away from that ugly habit of ordering a triple whopper and eating a bucket of ice cream with scotch in the evening. Yes, alcohol is processed carb as well.

The Meat Industry Works Against You

We’ve all heard how bad meat is from our vegan friend and most of us just detest that type of people, but the harsh reality is the meat industry uses tons of hormones in the meat and dairy production process for you to successfully handle.

And it shouldn’t be like that. You must be able to enjoy a nice steak or chicken with rice almost every day because this is your main natural source of protein. I won’t even bother discussing how protein powders and stuff like that disrupt your metabolism. Let’s leave that to the experts.

The real problem is that farm animals today are modified through the food they intake so the meat industry can manage to satisfy the ever demanding market that’s only increasing. That’s why the cow needs to produce double the milk per day and the chick needs to have huge body parts rather sooner than later so it’s profitable to sell it in the shortest period of time.

You can just accept the facts and focus towards vegetables, soya and mushrooms, but you can also find a farmer that sells grass fed livestock and produces his own dairy products. Do like I do. My family buys half a lamb or some larger amount of veal from a farmer that has his own farm with around 10-15 cows and one bull. He has a handful of regular customers and he knows he’ll sell everything he produces in a year.

We also get our chicken eggs, cow and goat milk, cheese and sour cream from the same guy.

For vegetables, it’s just smart to find a small local market where farmers sell their own products and buy constantly from there. If this is something unavailable in your region, you’ll just need to pay the price in some of those modern organic stores in the city centre.

Our Modern World Isn’t The Same As Your Grandfather’s

Don’t stress out! The most common advice you can give to a beard grower is to keep your stress level at the minimum. Something you’ve already seen on dozens of other sites I presume.
Beards Dont Stress OUT
It’s not just your environment, the pace of this new corporate world and the people at work. You also need to nitpick the ones closest to you because you would be surprised how influential some people can be with their line of thought.

So, if you want to be a successful entrepreneur for example, surround yourself with people from various fields that want to make a significant change. That would be a perfect scenario for you in this case. If you want to become a cook, be around foodies, but the most important part is to hang out with folks that enjoy life and don’t spread negative energy.

Another big difference that puts you in a totally different position compared to your grandfather or even grand grandfather is the nature around you. Your water is flooded with estrogen thanks to the women cosmetics industry and the best thing to do is to either use bottled water or install water filters in your home.

Xenoestrogens is the term scientists use when we try to classify all the unnatural chemicals we can find in nature today that encourage estrogen production in the metabolism of your male body.

Alcohol, Read Beer, Decreases Testosterone Levels By 7%

The moderate consumption of any alcohol will automatically decrease your testosterone level by at least 6.8% according to this study conducted in the Netherlands. Yeah, I guess having Amstel and Heineken brewing in your largest city, puts a lot of pressure on the government to test the quality of beer and conduct informational researches.

Taking Care of Your Body Means Taking Care of Your Beard

It’s not only testosterone levels. You need to start making changes in your dieting and living habits if you want to grow a full beard that looks strong and showcases the thickness of your facial hair.

Here’s some of the things you can start doing starting today to grow a respectable turf under your chin.

Stay In Shape

Beard, Working Out

There are two main reasons why you need to start exercising or modify your current training regimen. Active exercises will at the same time:

  • Increase your testosterone levels – ENOUGH with this testosterone! Yeah, I would like to write about smoothies and vegan pancakes, but facial hair growth depends from your organism’s T levels. When it comes to exercising you should consider doing short interval circuit strength training, something like cross-fit or those Beach Body regimes (P90X and Insanity).
  • Better blood circulation – Although testosterone is crucial when it comes to facial hair growth, your body also needs to be fed with all the right vitamins and minerals (we’ll cover more about this later on) and a stellar blood circulation is a big part of this process.

To increase your blood circulation you can start thinking about natural supplements like grape seed oils and extracts, but there’s one huge factor that may affect your beard growth we haven’t even mentioned yet …

Quite Smoking While You’re Ahead

We covered a lot in the previous section about testosterone, so we’ll use this part of the article to emphasise the importance of quitting cigarettes if you’re a smoker. We’re a beard website and we strive to present the most accurate and helpful information on this topic, so we’ll try to steer away from all the reasons you’ve already heard about why you need to stop smoking and focus on those connected with the health of your beard.

Beard and Smoking

Smoking causes:

  • Accelerated aging of your facial hair
  • Chronic skin dryness and oil imbalance
  • Clogs your skin pores with tar and residue
  • Discolors your facial hair due to deprivation of oxygen to the skin
  • Dehydrates your facial hair itself
  • Heavy smoking decreases hair elasticity
  • Expect more and more gray hairs
  • Vitamins C and A become obsolete and you absorb only small portions

Although it’s 90% genetics, the nicotine from your favorite cigarette brand will have an impact on your blood circulation levels, which can result in a slower facial hair growth rate, but it’s not connected with the texture of your hair in any way.

Don’t think that by quitting smoking you’ll immediately grow thicker beard. It will surely look better as your beard will be more moisturized, and it may even grow slightly faster, but your patches will still remain beardless.

Lose Weight

It’s hard to ditch cigarettes and lose weight at the same time, but it’s something you must do if you want to live a better life and feel great about yourself. After you make all of these changes your beard growth will be only a byproduct of the entire “Healthy Lifestyle” process.

Great deal of you have a beard because you want to cover those nine chins hiding in the deep, but believe me. Once you start losing weight your beard will look better and thicker. It’s no secret. Pure logic. The skin on your face will come closer to the bone structure and you may even get rid of those patches.

Eat Well

Bearded Man diet

Besides the tips we’ve already shared with you when it comes to developing healthy eating habits that will promote better beard growing results, I think it’s also important to note how both Zinc and Vitamin D are an integral part of your diet.

In that retrospective and having in mind how you need to find the healthiest sugar and fat sources, here’s a list of ten foods that will promote better beard health:

  • Salmon
  • Yellow peppers
  • Oysters
  • Eggs
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Avocados
  • Almonds
  • Chicken
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Strawberries
  • Red beans
  • Shiitake mushrooms

You see how your diet can be both healthy and delicious, while supporting increase in hair thickness. It’s not that bad. You just need to stay away from the fries and McDonalds burgers.

We’ll try to create a detailed directory regarding the food choices you can make to thicken your beard and why each thing is important for the health of your facial hair, but till then you can just make the logical choice, we really believe in you.

And now, for the most important

Be Happy and Don’t Stress Out

Get Advice, and detect the problematic spots of your face

You would be surprised how important is to not stress out over every little thing and how this truly affects your organism as a unit.

When you’re under stress a hormone called cortisol is injected in your system, which affects your testosterone level, and if you’re under constant stress, this can become a chronic disorder.

If you put yourself in this situation, beard growth will be the least of your worries.

Your girl cheated on your? The boss won’t give you that day off for the holidays?

Yeah. This type of stuff happens to everyone, and you’re not an exception. What you can do to put yourself in a position to succeed and be happy at the same time is:

  • Surround yourself with people that really care about you.
  • Set life goals that are above anything else.
  • Work something that fulfills you.
  • Priorities happiness over wealth.

If Nothing Works …

Don’t worry. Yeah, we already talked about this, but the reality is your beard growth potential is strongly connected with your genetic structure. To place things into perspective, 90% of your facial hair growth is due to genetics.

Just give your beard some time to grow and work with what you have. If you’re a teenager with tons of weak hair, dude … Be rational and wait for your puberty to end. You’ll have thicker and stronger beard once you enter your 20s and the trend will only move up as you grow older.

For those of you that still want to grow a stronger beard, you can try:

Beard Growth Supplements

Rogaine Minoxidil

Used at first as a great way to control high blood pressure Minoxidil or more commonly referred to as Rogaine, quickly became one of the most popular hair loss solutions after initial blood pressure patients noticed hair sprouting from every inch of their body.

The medicine is FDA approved only for hair loss use on the scalp, so if you’re planning to use it on your beard, you’re doing it on your own risk.

Itch is a very widespread side effect, but you can rest assured this thing actually works.

Facial Hair Transplant

It’s been on the market since 2007 and with the beard trend increasing in the past couple of years, facial hair transplants became more popular than ever. The cost varies, depending from how much hair you actually need, but it will cost you anywhere from $USD 400 to $USD 5000 in average.

The hair is taken from some of your other body parts, most often chest hair, which most resembles your beard and transplanted on your face.

The procedure itself lasts for couple of hours and the hair you get will fall off in the next couple of weeks, only to start growing after 3 or 4 months.

People are usually satisfied with the results and they have only a single procedure before they can see any significant results.

Hormone Therapy

You’ve probably noticed how we talk about Testosterone across the entire article, so there’s a good chance doctors across the state caught up on this and started offering hormone therapies to enhance hair growth.

The problem with this type of therapies is that they will in most cases cause a disbalance of your metabolism and you’ll battle with little million of possible side effects, so we strongly advise you to just stay away from the whole deal.

Oils, sprays, powders and supplements

There’s no supplement that will make your beard grow faster and fill all the bald spots on your face. Minoxidil works, but it still only enhances the growth of your already existing hair. Yep, you won’t grow any new hairs on your face.

Oils, pomades, powders, sprays and other supplements can be used to improve the health of your skin and facial hair, but they will never make your beard grow faster than before.

To better understand how you can grow a thicker beard and shape it the way you want, you can send us a mail at or just drop us a line in the comment section.

If you now want to start growing your beard go through our What To Expect In The First Month Of Beard Growing article, our huge selection of Beard Styles, as well as our How To Find The Best Beard Style For Your Face Shape guide.

When in doubt beard it out! If you don't know how, make sure to follow my blog, cuz I'm just another bearded man in this World.

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