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Rockets James Harden talks about his beard and why he doesn’t use oils

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James Harden is one of those faces that just sticks in your memory and a great part of his recognizable global image is his beard. The veteran guard that played with greats such as Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant during his Oklahoma City early years, and teamed up with Dwight Howard as a part of a newly formed Houston Rockets power duo at the time, had one of the best individual seasons in the history of the NBA and led his team to the  second round of this year’s NBA playoffs where they were eliminated by the San Antonio Spurs. (updated: 04/15/2017)

The Beard became known for his many basketball signature moves like his unique euro step and the ability to draw fouls at will, but he also became a Foot Locker commercial face thanks to his personal style, which in huge part revolves around his massive curly black beard.

Trey Kerby, part of NBA’s The Starters team of analysts, who also has a marvelous beard growing under his manchild face, met with James Harden and found out a lot of things about how this Los Angeles native became one of the most feared guards in the league at only 27 years of age and even more about his beard grooming habits:

The most interesting part of this interview is probably the fact that Harden doesn’t even remember when was the last time he shaved:

“No, I don’t. It’s been a long time. High school was the last time I saw my chin.”

The reason why The Beard became the bear is also pretty laid back on its own:

“In college, days go by — it kind of gets longer. And you like ‘Hey, I kind of like this look.'”

And who can touch and trim Harden’s beard:

“I let my barber trim it. That is the only person I let trim. I’m too nervous to touch. If I clip or do something wrong, I’m going to be pissed at myself.”

Is maybe this the barber in question?

Harden doesn’t use any oils or pomades because his beard:

“It’s naturally soft.”

We just have to say … Fear the beard!


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