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Jared Leto wears his full beard better than his high end designer outfits

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Jared Leto was clean shaven for the role of Joker in the Hollywood blockbuster “Suicide Squad”, which honestly didn’t live up to expectations and was probably made for the youngest among comic fans, but hey … Life goes on.

In his free time Jared is all about the full beard short mustache look and it suites him extremely well and certainly better than the clothes he’s showcasing. The man that had inspiring performances in titles such as “Mr. Nobody”, “Requiem for a dream” and his latest sci-fi classic remake “Blade Runner 2049” needs to admit he needs help when choosing his next piece of clothing.

Famous style magazine GQ even hailed him as the worst-dressed man in the world and they’re not far from the truth, but Leto sure knows how to grow a full beard and combine it with lengthy hair styles.

jared leto flower shit full beard
Jared Leto knows how to wear colorful crazy outfits and combine them well with his beard.
jared leto bomber jacket full beard
The full beard, short mustache style he rocks is probably most suitable for a bomber jacket and a shirt underneath it.

The full beard (almost) no mustache style that Jared Leto rocks is great for young adults trying to grow a full beard over their patches and make that work with their long hair. You would probably need trimming once every couple of weeks just to shape up your beard so it doesn’t look bushy and avoid the creation of split ends.

Regular brushing is a must if you want to maintain a healthy long beard like this one, and you need to combine this with the application of some natural beard oil, to keep your pH levels at balance and don’t let your facial hair dry out.

If you need help with this stuff, just visit our ultimate Growing and Grooming guides.

jared leto black shirt full beard
Jared Leto talking about the success his band “30 seconds to Mars” had over the years.
Jared Leto is a proof you can rock the full beard style wearing colorful outfit combinations.

Not everyone is ecstatic about the way Jared Leto dresses up or likes his acting in the cult movies he’s been a part of, it’s all matter of different tastes after all, but he certainly rocks a powerful full beard between movies.

When in doubt beard it out! If you don't know how, make sure to follow my blog, cuz I'm just another bearded man in this World.

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