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Joaquin Phoenix is the King of the scruffy virile beard

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Joaquin Phoenix walks the line in real life pretty much as he did in the Johnny Cash biopic and this is what makes him one of the greatest method actors of today. He maybe went a little too far while he was making his epic mockumentary together with Ben Affleck’s brother Casey simply titled “I’m still here”.

This dynamic duo managed to prank the whole world and even tricked David Letterman into believing how Joaquin is quitting his acting career and focusing on a new passion. Recording a rap album.

The other good thing, besides the enormous publicity the movie managed to tract, is this ridiculous scruffy beard:

joaquin phoenix scruffy beard letterman show
Joaquin scratching his scruffy beard on the Letterman show.
joaquin phoenix scruffy beard still here
Phoenix and his virile scruffy beard in “I’m Still Here”.

Nobody knew “I’m still here” was a mockumentary and the best part is that Joaquin is calling some hookers in this particular scene.

It’s an incredible look for Joaquin and I personally can’t wait to see his next two movies scheduled to run in 2018. The first one is the historically themed “Mary Magdalene” where the actor plays the role of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Yep, I’m kidding you not.

The man that shot a mockumentary about a fake rapping career for two years is now playing the role of Jesus, but at least he got a tidier beard look, which will also be a part of his character in “You were never really here”, the second movie we’re expecting from Joaquin in 2018.

joaquin phoenix mary magdalene beard
Joaquin is playing Jesus Christ in “Mary Magdalene” that will hit theaters in 2018.
joaquin phoenix you were never really here beard
“You were never really here” is an excellent psychological thriller that only proofs how good of an actor Joaquin actually is.

The scruffy bearded Joaquin Phoenix is the one I want to see as he appears scarier and gives a whole new level of enigma to the plot.

The look on its own is great for our bearded brothers that work from home and have an introvert’s soul.

When in doubt beard it out! If you don't know how, make sure to follow my blog, cuz I'm just another bearded man in this World.

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