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San Jose Sharks giving away shirtless Joe Thornton bobblehead with realistic beard

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Bobbleheds are among the most popular pieces of sports memorabilia the average fan can offer, and they’re almost always a fan favorite, so it’s not unusual to see professional franchises trying to surprise their fans with a cool piece of unique bobblehead featuring their team’s greatest players.

The problem with bobbleheads is they look ridiculous more often than they look realistic. Is this a problem?

Probably not for the Dallas Mavericks that feature their all time leading scorer Dirk Nowitzki in a series of sponsored bobblehead nights connected with some of the team’s key accomplishments over the past 20 something years.

Learning from their success, the San Jose Sharks are now trying to promote their games with one of their key team figures.

You can get your extremely realistic Joe Thornton bobblehead equipped with real looking beard, if you go to San Jose’s matchup against the Devils that will happen on March 20. Tickets can be found here.


You’re probably wondering how did the creative team over at San Jose get to the point of creating a shirtless Joe Thornton bobblehead. Well, here’s your answer in a tweet from one of their beat writers:

For the casual NHL fans or for those of you that are more into some other sport and are here out of curiosity, Thornton has been seen shirtless multiple times over the course of the past decade. Here’s what he had to say about this habit of his when the Sharks asked him why back in 2010:

“I think because I sweat so much, I just can’t wait to take off my shirt. So I think it’s because I perspire so much.”

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