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Jon Hamm and his full short beard can do wonders for your business look

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Jon Hamm wears a short beard that’s great for those of you after the corporate or business look, which is something we haven’t seen from him while on “Mad Men”. He spent 7 years without growing a beard during the show. What a shame.

The beard Jon Hamm is growing is perfect for those of you that aren’t struggling with patches and have a strong texture.

Here are couple of examples that show the best side Jon Hamm’s beard:

jon hamm beard jimmy fallon
The bigger your head, the shorter your beard should be.
jon hamm beard black and white
That short beard looks even better in B&W.
jon hamm ranger beard
Jon likes to goof around with Jimmy Fallon whenever he’s on the show.
jon hamm glasses beard
The actor doesn’t want to play his “Mad Men” character Don Draper ever again,
jon hamm worst job
At one moment Jon Hamm worked on the set of a soft porn production.

jon ham light stubbleFive o’clock shadows are not legitimate beards, but if you would have one, it should look like this.

If you’re struggling to grow a beard you can go through our guide on how to grow a stronger and thicker beard or just fill up the comment section with your questions.

Hope you like the pictures we’ve pull out for you, but if you have any suggestions don’t be afraid to send them our way.

When in doubt beard it out! If you don't know how, make sure to follow my blog, cuz I'm just another bearded man in this World.

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