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Man shaves 3 year old beard to help his ill uncle

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When you have an uncle that needs money to cover his medical bills of his cancer treatment, you shave off your beard.

That was the logical answer for a man living in Wanaka who said goodbye to his three year old beard all in hope he’ll raise enough funds to pay off the part of the medical treatment for his uncle that’s not covered by the state.

The name of this modern day bearded hero is Ray Tiddy and he currently works as a landscaper and wore proudly his mane since February 2015 when he last shave.

The result was $2000 in cash since the beginning of September and a huge part of that success was the hairdressing salon Alibabas that donated percentage from each trim during this period.

ray tiddy beard
Ray Tiddy with his beautiful 3-year-old beard

That’s the location where the epic three year old beard trim happened and this is what Mr. Tiddy had to say about the experience:

“People have been keen to get behind it. It’s such a simple thing to do to just have a shave and drum up a bit of support from people, but whatever I can get for my uncle is going to be a massive help for him,” Mr Tiddy said.

And here’s the proud family man after the shave:

ray tiddy without beard


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