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4 Basic Rules For Growing a Beard

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Every man wakes up and asks the question “How do I grow a beard?” at some point in their life.

Many have attempted growing a beard, but were disappointed with the result. Maybe you were young, maybe you chose the wrong style, but that doesn’t mean that you should give up.

The Decision

Deciding to grow a beard can sometimes be a life changing moment. They can boost your confidence, allowing you to stand out in the crowd, connect you with other beardsmen across the globe and at a certain point of your life represent the passage from an inexperienced boy to a real man.

It may look that some manage to achieve the perfect look much easier than others, but you should always know how this is mostly due to genetics such as your skin tone, hair type, and facial hair density. All of these little things play their role and determine how easy or hard it will be for you to grow a beard.

This may be the case, but you should never give up from your beard growing journey as it all comes down to the approach, attitude and the four basic rules listed below.

Update: Since we published this article, we’ve decided to give our best and create a more detailed guide on the topic, which we intend to update regularly. We proudly present “How to grow a beard? The Ultimate Virile Beard Guide“. Hope it helps fellow beardster.

1. Fresh Start


The first rule for growing a new beard is a fresh start. It’s important to have a proper shave because that is our foundation for a healthy beard, minimizing the chance of irritation and skin problems in the process.

Pro Tip: Use basic essential oils like chamomile and cedarwood in combination with either jojoba or sweet almond to get rid of that early irritation after your first shave. You can also use coconut oil as it thickens when you put it in the fridge and it can act as a nice pommade. 

Preparation is a key factor if you don’t want to have a bad reaction from a clean shave. You must start with a face wash to remove all the dirt, dead skin and excess oils. After drying off use a Pre-Shave Oil that will help you to soften the facial hair making the shaving process much easier. After the oil, apply Shaving Cream and begin the clean shave.

2. Persistence – Overcome the itch!


Most of us will experience an irritating itch for the first ~two weeks, maybe even a month. For the true beard enthusiast, this won’t be a problem. For those who are having trouble overcoming the itch, they should know that the itch is primarily caused by accumulation of dirt and dead skin cells, as well as dehydration.

Keeping the beard clean is the first step in dampening the itchiness. Although you must know that no matter how clean you keep your beard you won’t be able to stop the itch completely, especially if you kept a clean shave look and shaved on regular basis before.

Oils and moisturizers are also a great help in fighting the itch by providing hydration and nurturing benefits. Eventually, it all comes down to persistence and manning up to the itch. It doesn’t take long and the end result suppresses the discomfort you’ll pass through.

Pro Tip: Beard Oil can be applied at night before sleep if you aren’t keen on a shiny beard look. For the daytime use a Beard Moisturiser for a smooth, natural-looking beard. This way your beard will benefit from both the products allowing you to choose the look that you like the most.


3. The Shape


Don’t choose a style that you saw in a magazine or on your friend only on the premise that it looks great on them. Not every style suit every man the same and it mostly depends on the density of the facial hair and the facial shape of the person wearing it. You can use our Face Shape chart to determine what style best suits your face, and once you’ve decided the style, stick with it.


4. The Dream Of Growing A Beard


After growing that beard for months in preparation for the finale, you must now choose how and where to trim and shape your beard. I would advise visiting a professional barber for this step because he can help you with choosing the right style for you, and of course for the professional trim.

Beard trims usually cost from $20-$45 and should be done a couple of times a month to keep a consistent style. If that amount is a little too much for your budget, then let the barber do the original shaping and with a little practice, you can maintain you style yourself.



You need some advice growing your own royal turf under your neck? Fill up the comment section or just send as a message at or … Go through our detailed Beard Care Guide.

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