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Russell Crowe teaches you how to comb your beard while low-key hinting a new movie

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We are thrilled whenever a major celebrity comes to their senses and decides to grow a beard, so we couldn’t be happier for Russell Crowe and his decision to overcome the stage where he looked a lot like John Goodman in “The Big Lebowski”.

russell crowe wearing chinstrap beard with goatee
The Walter Sobchak look didn’t work out for mr. Crowe

In a more recent video the famous Hollywood actor, who’s also one of the coolest Aussies you’ll ever meet, showed the world how good his beard has become. Transforming from a weird goatee chinstrap mix into a really powerful scruffy looking beard.

The music in the background is really intense, but hopefully you’ll learn a thing or two about beard grooming. Watch carefully the part where Crowe take care of his stache. New calling on the horizon for the one time Oscar winner during his retirement days? Maybe …

The actor prepares …

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With the caption reading “The actor prepares …” it’s safe to assume how we’ll see Russell in a movie wearing his scruffy beard anytime soon and this was a great way to prepare us for that.

Being the good guy he is, Russell Crowe also took the opportunity to reach out to his followers and let them know about the Carrie’s Beanies for Cancer campaign in a video where he made a little joke on his beard’s account.


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Hope the beard doesn’t get mad and starts falling off because of this. We wish all the best to Mr. Crowe and his beard, so stay tuned as we’ll be updating this article with all the latest images and videos from the pair.

Till next time, remember to keep it bearded!

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