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Sting and His Virile Beard Show You How to Dominate Winter

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Sting was always known for his laid back attitude, so it was no surprise to see him battle the cold weather in Park City, Utah with a casual winter outfit and a virile beard instead of a scarf. The renown Brit known not only for his music, but activism and philanthropy as well, landed in the city to support the promotion of the documentary film titled simply “Jim: The James Foley Story” and still managed to showcase some interesting rugged man style aspects, even in such a small scale event such as this movie premiere.

When you combine three dark elements such as Sting’s all black boots (suitable for long walks on the snow), jacket dark enough and light enough at the same time, and a pair of washed down dark denim jeans; you automatically get a classic Brit badass, but what would you ideally add to this combination?

One big and thick virile beard as only Sting could think of, that just overlays with that soft tee peaking from under his jacket. It seems like Sting successfully combined a strong and firm clothing elements with a soft line that emphasizes his beard.


What do you think about Sting’s beard? Are you thinking about trying out the style? If you are we suggest you go through our beard styles section first and learn a bit about beard growing.

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