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The Best and Worst Celebrity Beards in America

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Let’s first focus on the 5 worst celebrity beards America has to offer, and we’re not talking movie role beards, but how these celebrities wear their beards in everyday life. You can also check the most badass movie character beards where we also have Al Pacino and Zach Galifianakis mentioned in a positive connotation:

Worst Celebrity Beards


Offendant for Worst Beard #5: Zach Galifianakis, Actor

Crime: The extremely full beard nobody cares about

Verdict: We included Zach in our list of most badass movie beards for his role in “The Hangover”, but wearing that stuff on daily basis? Come on Zach. We know you got some inspiration in you to go for a particular style and trim that monster a notch. You’re a million dollar worth movie star and you can’t balm or use oil? Please … We’re all for the natural yeard look, but not when you look like a beard beanie.

Tip: It’s important to know which beard style matches the shape of your face, so don’t forget this the next time you go to your barber.


Offendant for Worst Beard Worst Beard #4: Chris Daughtry, Musician

Crime: Too many wanna be art beard elements.

Verdict: I don’t care if you did well on Idol or that you’ve founded a self titled group, you can’t make every possible musician beard cliche work on your face, it just won’t happen.

Tip: You don’t need to be unique, but find something that works the best for you and try to be original. 


Offendant for Worst Beard Worst Beard #3: David Beckham, Footballer

Crime: I have a beard? Really?

Verdict: Some may look at this as a casual look that just works if you’re a handsome millionaire soccer player from the Island, but we look at this as a sloppy attempt to cover all those blonde patches. The good news is Beckie improved since this time in his life.

Tip: Casual and patchy beards goes well together, but you’ll still need to decide what are your strong and weak spots. Trim down where you must and grow in certain areas to give the appeal your beard looks fuller. Just look at Johnny Depp and the way he handles patches. 


Offendant for Worst Beard #2: Larry Charles, Writer, Seinfeld

Crime: I’m not a member of society style.

Verdict: You need to be rich or homeless to make this look work, but you also have to try a little bit. We know Larry Charles is a laid back dude, but he still needs his beard vitamins and minerals. Just look at how dry that beard looks in comparison to his hair. Disaster.

Tip: Forget about your razor if you’re going for this type of full beard look, but don’t forget to buy a quality pair of barber scissors and make them your beard’s best friend.


Offendant for The Worst Beard In America: Al Pacino, Actor

Crime: Looking like a madman.

Verdict: Al Pacino was a beast in Serpico and that’s something we respect. To see a character grow in only couple of hours, together with his beard. That’s something special! About his more recent appearance … I would just assume this is a classic New York street heckler madman who won’t get out of your face about the end of the world.

Tip: A Galifianakis beard would probably look better on Pacino and vice versa.

Enough with the ugly. Let’s see who wears the top looking celebrity beards in the US at the moment:

Best Celebrity Beards


Winner of Best Beard #5: John Slattery, Actor

Beard Style: Casual Retired Librarian

Verdict: This is the perfect length we want John Slattery let his beard grow. If it grows even an inch longer it will look like a hot mess. Maybe George Clooney is the king of the gray haired 5 o’clock shade, but John Slattery certainly has the title for the gray haired full medium sized beard.

Tip: You can achieve the look relatively easy, as long as you plan to be regular with the trimming. Just use the number three level on your trimmer for your face and the number for just bellow your neck and you should be fine.


Winner of Best Beard #4: Brad Pitt, Actor

Beard Style: Week Old Goatee

Verdict: Brad Pitt is one of those actors that leaves their beard grow free anytime they’re not filming, so he can adapt to any role without the necessity of facial hair extensions. When he’s able to stay fixed with one particular style it’s always good to see him maintain that week old experienced goatee.

Tip: Before you try and go for the Brad Pitt braided beard availability goatee try settling for a shorter version of the same style, which you can achieve by only trimming your beard with an electric razor.


Winner of Best Beard #3: Jon Hamm, Actor

Beard Style: 5 o’clock corporate shadow

Verdict: Jon Hamm’s best beard look is when you feel like he’s been in the office for two straight days and he didn’t have the time to shave off his thick beard. Anything else is just playing around, so if you have nice rich facial hair by genetics, and a powerful chin line of course, try and go for this beard style.

Tip: It really depends of how thick your beard grows. Guys with patchy beards may find it difficult to bring this beard style to the red carpet or in front of their building at least. Just go with the shortest possible level on your trimmer and you’re good to go.


Winner of Best Beard #2. Conan O’Brien, Talk Show Host

Beard Style: Ginger Pride

Verdict: Conan O’Brien is one of the most Irish looking people you’ll find on the face of the Earth, so we all thought it would be disastrous to see him wearing a full beard, but boy were we wrong … He didn’t just grow a strong thick beard, but also managed to look more distinguished and less pale.

Tip: This isn’t a style reserved for gingers, so you should be careful trying it out and it’s always a good idea to start slowly and build your length from there.


Winner of BEST BEARD IN AMERICA! Amanda Beard, Swimmer and Model

Style: The Amanda Beard

Verdict: Amanda Beard will look great on anyone …

Just kidding. Lame? I know.

Our Best Celebrity Beard choice for the US goes to:

Number One Beard Viggo Mortensen

Viggo Keeps his beard nice clean and tidy for each red carpet performance and we’ve seen it fully grown in one of his best performances as a part of the cast for “The Road”. If you want to achieve this style, check out our Beard Styles section and focus on the chinstrap combined with a ducktail and powerful goatee.

For any questions contact us directly through our mail or just drop a comment bellow.

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