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Tom Hardy’s beard smells heavenly, according to Oona Chaplin

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Oona Chaplin, 30, the great granddaughter of Charlie Chaplin co-stars Tom Hardy’s in the gritty period drama Taboo. In a recent interview with the Entertainment Weekly she stated that although her character is relatively clean, the set and the other characters are covered in a lot of filth which sometimes can be unpleasant. But fortunately, the scenes with Tom are much more pleasant thankfully to the fact that Mr.Hardy is known for his many beard styles. Especially known for the part of maintaining them with waxes that smell wonderful.

“Well, Tom Hardy’s beard smells amazing. He puts this wax on his beard, and it smells absolutely heavenly. All the filth was kind of offset by his heavenly smell.” said Oona Chaplin.

Tom Hardy as James Delaney in the TV drama 'Taboo'
Tom Hardy as James Delaney in the TV drama 'Taboo'

Here’s the most emotionally intense scene the actor duo had in the first season of Taboo:

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